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Many of our students have found their way to RMSP by a certain amount of dissatisfaction with their corporate careers prior to coming to school here. How this happens is an individual situation, but usually it involves a lack of fulfillment with their daily experiences on the job. Something seems to be missing in their career and they begin a search for the one true thing that will fill the missing piece. Obviously, creative endeavors such as photography speak to many people as the potential for a fulfilling career. In 2010, Summer Intensive graduate Krista Welch came to RMSP by way of just such a path.

Before RMSP, she attended college at Colorado State University and majored in interior design. After earning her degree, she worked in corporate interior design before building up the courage to take a risk on photography school. Realizing that a photography career involves a certain amount of risk, by the time she was halfway through SI, she discovered about herself that she probably wouldn’t go back to design as a career.  Not an easy decision, and even though design remains an important part of who she is, she determined that her true desire was to grow a business of her own in photography.  The rat race of corporate life didn’t work for her anymore and she realized she could only be happy serving people on a more personal level.

As a result, she’s been having a go at running her own portrait and wedding photography business in the Seattle area, her hometown. Directly after returning home after SI, she dubbed her fledgling business Love Song Photo (named after her favorite hobby growing up – making mixed tapes!) and has been slowly building her business since.  Aside from photography, she’s also working in retail for the first time in her life which is not an unwise decision for any photographer just beginning their own enterprise; doing the things one must do to get it off the ground while developing a client base. Her love of people and utilizing associated skills are serving her well in her own business. Although her current working life is a means to an end, as she puts it, “Ah, the glamorous life of a professional photographer!”

Heading into her second year of business, she sees now that it will realistically take another year or so before realizing her goal of becoming a full time photographer, but that doesn’t stop her from working extraordinarily hard.  A business doesn’t grow overnight and involves daily attention. Whether it’s building a website, continuous and effective marketing, updating a blog or networking, it’s all constant work. This doesn’t discourage Krista in the least and seems to suit her just fine as a labor she loves.  Her ultimate goal is to build a business that not only creates interesting imagery and tells people’s stories, but also one that is good to its clients.  Her clients are important to her and wants them to feel at-ease in front of the camera and truly enjoy the experience of being photographed. With the type of determination and sense of purpose Krista brings to the table, this business model will no doubt lead to a fulfilling career, one that she has been seeking.

In 2012, aside from shooting weddings, she’s looking forward to expanding her travel photography portfolio, photographing married couples, and exhibiting some of her personal work at local coffee shops or galleries. The gallery included in this post will give a you good idea of her sensibility and talent as an artist and storyteller with a camera.

A concluding remark from her sums it up best: “The RMSP Summer Intensive experience is funny; it takes you out of your comfort zone  and makes you re-evaluate your life. Once you rise to the challenges that the SI program presents you with, you start to feel more confident and more adventurous in general.  At least, that’s how I felt.  The greater the risk, the greater the reward, right?!”

Well, Krista, we couldn’t agree with you more! We congratulate you on your focus and desire to pursue a meaningful career.

To see more of her work, please visit her website at and blog.




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Great Story! Keep going Krista!!!


Thanks for the wonderful article, Bob!

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Bob McGowan

Absolutely, Krista! Best of luck with your current and future endeavors!

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