In Art Shows, No Doesn’t Always Mean No

OK, this is for all of you I’m-too-busy/scared/intimidated/lazy to enter a photo contest-type folks out there (you know who you are)! Here is, I hope, some encouragement for you to get out there and, as Nike says, Just Do It!

A few weeks ago a friend emailed to say that there was going to be a juried photography contest at the arts council gallery and that I should enter something. I, of course, froze and started coming up with all the reasons why I couldn’t do it (see above). Plus, it was too expensive, I’d have to print, matte, frame and ship the piece. Plus (as my heart started racing) the juror was Harris Fogel, curator of the art galleries at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Yikes!

But then something inside me said, ‘Oh, go ahead and try.’ So I did.

Then came the emailed list with the winners’ names and, geez, after all that I wasn’t on it.

THEN several weeks later came the frantic email from the gallery director who said that they had ‘missed’ my entry and the juror wanted to know if I could have my piece there within the week to be included in the show!  (yep, I had not even printed the thing…). So, after firing up the printer and giving it a bit of a workout, I had a finished print I was happy with. It got signed, matted, framed, wrapped and packed and the next day was heading across the country via FedEx.

Although it was a little roller coaster of ups and downs and a flurry of activity, I’m so honored to be included and very excited and glad that I did it.

So, the moral of my story is: What’s stopping you? Go ahead, enter something!

Here’s a link to the Altered States show:

Here’s the entry that got in: