Alumni Friday: Serena Lissy

Serena Lissy joined us for our Career Training program in 2009 and wow, what a journey she has been on ever since! After graduating, she took some time to explore and find what it was about photography that ignites her passion so intensely before moving forward in her career. After experimenting and trying a few new things, she realized she has a love for commercial product photography. The challenge of taking a two dimensional image and using light to create a three dimensional feel, evoke a desire and make the viewer feel like they could lift a product off the paper is super exciting to her.  She gives credit to, and thanks her lighting instructor, Joe Lavine, for introducing her to the world of studio lighting.

So with an MBA, a degree in graphic design, and rock solid photography skills, it seemed a new career in the advertising, marketing arena was a good fit. This year she opened a commercial studio in Carlsbad, CA specializing in still life product photography. She currently works primarily with marketing and branding companies helping fulfill their photographic needs, and will spend the upcoming year focusing on working more with advertising agencies.


As far as upcoming projects, she’ll be working with fellow RMSP classmates, Fatima Donaldson and Brenda Lindstrom on a large installation at LangeTwins Winery in Lodi, CA. This will be a three day Fine Art Show in February 2012.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she has a couple of personal projects in the works which she is passionate about as well. Earlier in 2011, she made an adventurous trip to Africa, which served to rekindle her long-lost travel bug. Even though her previous career was in the travel industry, she describes her Africa trip as being an “eye opener.” She is currently working on sharing her images from this trip in a multitude of ways. Another project Serena is working on with her photographer friends is creating a ‘My Photography Business’ E-book series. They are hoping to complete the series by the end of 2012. Very impressive!

When it comes to success stories, Serena’s couldn’t be more inspiring. To take the leap from an established career in order to pursue her many passions takes a certain amount of boldness and heart. Just the type of person we love to have join us at RMSP! We love helping people find their path in life and business as photographers.  Congratulations Serena! We hope your photographic journey continues for many years to come.

To see more of Serena’s work and learn about what she’s been up to, please visit her website, blog and Facebook page.