Alumni Friday – Linda Roberts

Sometimes it just goes to show that you never know where your work might be seen and appreciated. A Career Training graduate in 2009, Linda Roberts continued working on her fine art photography mainly from her home base in Helena, Montana. Although she had been active locally with her own exhibitions and showings, at some point she made a decision to enter contests online for the sake of appealing to a broader audience. This year she entered an international competition that was sponsored by Artists Haven Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with awards going to 45 photographers. Although she wasn’t selected as one of the finalists, the sponsoring gallery liked her work and contacted her.  As a result she has signed with them for a year’s representation with twelve images available for sale on their website and six pieces hanging in their gallery for the month of November. Here is the link for that exhibit: After the exhibit in November, they keep two pieces for showing the rest of the year.

In our eyes, the moral of her story is that competitions are a great way to get one’s work seen by by the both viewing public and qualified art dealers. Because she took the brave step of entering a photo competition, an interested party found her work intriguing and offered to represent her as an artist. How cool is that!!! We congratulate Linda for her perseverance and well-deserved recognition. Let her inspiration be yours…and go get your work seen!

To see more of Linda’s work, check out her website.