Marcy at Photo Plus

Seeing as how it’s the end of October, this means a few different things are on the horizon. People across the country are preparing their costumes and party plans for Halloween. Baseball fans are looking forward to game 7 of the World Series…and are on the edge of their seats after last night’s game (WOW!) And Photo Plus is in full swing at the Javits Center on the other side of the country in NYC.

RMSP’s Director of Education Marcy James is in the mix at Photo Plus, checking out new products, spotting new trends and doing a healthy amount of networking. Not to mention, she’s giving her iphone a workout and sending messages back to headquarters. Here’s a look….

Welcome to NYC Marcy. Here's some rain!

Crowd entering the floor...or perhaps they're practicing for holiday shopping season??

The scene

On the floor at Photo Plus

Demonstrating Westcott's new "ice light."