Alumni Friday – Brenda Lindstrom

Continuing with our theme of highlighting some of the graduates that returned to RMSP to assist in our 2011 Career Training program, today we shine the spotlight on Brenda Lindstrom.  Brenda began her relationship with RMSP at a Photo Weekend in Portland, Oregon in 2008. That’s all it took to get her hooked! The next year, in 2009, she attended Summer Intensive, Advanced Intensive and even managed to squeeze in a visit to our Wildlife Up Close workshop that same summer. As an assistant in Summer Intensive this summer, she not only loved being back in the mix with the students, but was a very welcome face for the staff as well.

Brenda is a fine art, nature and portrait photographer living and working in Camas, Washington. She is a lifelong Pacific Northwesterner who cherishes her time spent outdoors. And it shows in her images, which you can check out on her website and on her Facebook page here…


Here’s some of the beautiful work Brenda has created:



3 thoughts on “Alumni Friday – Brenda Lindstrom

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Sue LaRose

Keep it up with the bird series Brenda – really love that…Lovely images!

Rita Pignato

Great work Brenda. So happy we spent the summer getting to know each other. Love your work and you. Miss you.

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