Alumni Friday – Dan Doran

In 2008, RMSP was fortunate to have the likes of a special young man join us for our Summer Intensive. To know Dan Doran is to know the epitome of positive energy.  Add a healthy dose of creativity and a knack for relating to his subjects, you have a photographer who isn’t afraid to explore with his camera… or cameras. Since leaving school, he hasn’t sat still one bit. In addition to adventure traveling, he’s gone on to start his own portraiture business in his hometown of Langhorne, PA and has kept on learning and growing as an artist and photographer. In fact, he returned to Missoula in 2009 to attend our Professional Studies course, Editorial Portraiture. Primarily he’s a “people” guy, so anytime he can photograph kids, families, weddings, models or characters of any sort, we’re pretty sure he’ll have a big smile on his face while doing so. His fun enthusiastic style and thirst for learning is truly infectious.

Apparently he couldn’t get enough us – or we of him – so he applied for and was hired as one of our valuable assistants for this year’s Career Training program. During SI, he was our Studio Lighting Lab Supervisor and he’s currently helping our students conclude their studies in the Advanced Intensive session. The energy and inspiration he brought to our program this year has been invaluable. He’s rarely seen without some sort of camera around his neck, whether it be a new-fangled digital SLR or an old-school twin reflex. This guy is prolific and he “walks the talk.” We couldn’t have been happier having him in our midst all summer and fall…and neither could the students.

To see what we’re talking about, check out his website!

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Kudos Dan! I can’t wait to see what you do with your winter. You were an amazing lead studio assistant!! You inspired so many students this season in Career Training. I’m sure some of them are feeling like they can’t live without you! I am so excited to watch your career evolve. Thanks again for all your efforts in Career Training!

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