Alumni Friday – Ben Reed

Ben Reed is a graduate of our 2010 class of Career Training and is currently an assistant in the program. Originally, Ben came to RMSP from North Carolina, where he enjoyed surfing the waves of the Atlantic. After even a quick glance at Ben’s images, it’s readily apparent that his love of the outdoors – and more specifically his love of PLAYING in the outdoors – is a big theme in his life. Whether surfing, hiking or snowboarding Ben has plenty of ideas for how to pass the time. It probably comes as no surprise that his photography is centered around landscapes, outdoor action sports, as well as his other passion in life…fancy automobiles!

Having Ben return to RMSP as an assistant in 2011 has been awesome. If you went through Career Training with him or have been helped by his knowledge throughout the program this year, we want to hear about it in the comments below!

To see Ben’s work, check out his website, Facebook page and his Flickr stream.

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2 thoughts on “Alumni Friday – Ben Reed

Rita Pignato

Congratulation Ben. Awesome work, glad we became friends. Missing you.

Maribeth Brunst

Ben is one spectacular, awesome, and fun human being! So glad that after we graduated RMSP together we didn’t only become co-workers, but good friends! I really admire how he throws himself into everything that he does, he leaves nothing on the table, and everyone around him benefits from his hard work and determination. He is an awesome friend, coworker, and one heck of an incredible artist! He takes something ordinary and makes it magical.

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