Alumni Friday – Lori Grimmett

As you may know we teach photography to all different levels of skill and interest. Once in a while, a student will first experience our school via the Photo Weekends program and perhaps continue on with Workshops that fit their interests and style, all with the ultimate goal of making photography their career. This is the case with Scappoose, Oregon artist/photographer Lori Grimmett. Her journey began with RMSP at a Weekend event in 2003 and then in several workshops thereafter. In addition she has studied under a dizzying array of professional photographers and organizations in an equally impressive number of media including large format film and the digital realm. Her list of educators – not all inclusive – includes Art Wolfe, Robert Hall, Dennis Mecham, Nikon School, Ritz University and the likes of our own Neil Chaput de Saintonge. Her diverse background and passion has helped propel her – quite successfully – into the field of professional photography. Among many things, Lori is an accomplished fine artist, belongs to or has belonged to many professional organizations, has won numerous accolades and awards, has exhibited at multiple festivals and galleries, has been widely published and is a soon-to-be-published author herself.  In fact, she recently posted an insightful note on her business Facebook page that is her take on what exactly is a professional photographer. We are honored to have had her in our midst.  See her work for yourself on her website.