One Last Interview

Today is the end of an era for me…or at least a decade. I will be hanging up my RMSP hat after today and turning the blog over to Bob McGowan and Andy Kemmis. In my ten years here, I’ve learned a lot about photography, photography education, people, and myself. I’ve practically grown up here. The school and all the people involved have certainly been like a family. As it goes with growing up, sometimes you need to spread your wings and leave the comfortable, familiar surroundings to explore new opportunities and push yourself to reach new heights.
How best to say goodbye? Well, I decided to conduct one more interview, this time with myself.

POP: How did you get started at RMSP?
Me: I started in the darkroom (yes the school had one of those). The summer after I completed Summer Intensive I was asked to come back as an assistant in the darkroom. A job opened up in the office at the end of that summer and the rest is history.

POP: What was your favorite part about working at RMSP?
Me: The people. Hands down. RMSP attracts the most fun, amazing people to work for them. I don’t think that most company staff meetings involve as many jokes and laughter.

POP: What is the biggest life lesson you learned working at RMSP?
Me: Follow your dreams. Follow your passion. Follow Neil Chaput (Just kidding about the Neil Chaput part…sort of). After 10 years watching student after student learn and grow from photography and go on to do incredible things, I couldn’t help but be influenced by the atmosphere.

POP: What is your biggest accomplishment at RMSP?
Me: The Blog. I have loved working on the blog, writing, interacting with the readers, and staying involved with the photography industry.

POP: Will you keep photographing?
Me: I better! I’m not sure I can stop. I love the process too much.

So that’s it. That’s all she wrote (chuckle). Although I won’t be contributing regularly to the blog, you may see a guest appearance every now and again. I’m not sure I can stay away.

I just want to thank everyone at RMSP for teaching me an incredible amount, supporting me, and believing in me, even when I doubted myself.

14 thoughts on “One Last Interview

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Melanie Wright

Good Luck, Page! Your creativity, “tech smarts”, sense of humor and quick wit will be sorely missed. I look forward to your guest appearances and hope they will be frequent. 🙂

Page Orb Pedde

Aww thanks Melanie. I really appreciate the kind words.


WHAT???? You are leaving?? That is blowing my mind right now! Paige, you are awesome. I loved working with you and will miss not seeing you when I come back.. All the best to you!!

Page Orb Pedde

You can still see me when you come back Eileen! In fact you better.
But seriously, I loved working with you too. Lots of laughs.

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Sue LaRose

I miss Jack already…I mean you! haha Thanks Page for all you’ve done to forward the Workshops Department – so much excitement has been created by your efforts. We will miss you, especially on Wednesdays, but know that you’ll be invited to every single party we have.
All the best.

Page Orb Pedde

Thank you Sue. I look forward to the parties! 🙂

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Scott Sharick


Good luck in all that you do. I really enjoyed meeting you way back in San Francisco and through SI/AI last year. I will miss your contributions to the blog.



Page Orb Pedde

Thank you Scott!
Your group in San Francisco was so much fun. Definitely a highlight for me.

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Jeanne Chaput de Saintonge

Page you are such a creative, strong, wonderful woman. We are going to miss you so much and our Tuesday morning marketing meetings will not be the same without you! Thank you for all the years of hard work and dedication.

Page Orb Pedde

Thank you so much Jeanne. I will miss the marketing meetings for sure (I’m not even joking).

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Kathy Eyster

Page….Lady of words and wit and dedication! Best wishes for whatever your future holds (along with the rest of your family). Always a pleasure to work with you and read your words. Thanks for helping get me started teaching the Basic Photo workshop. I really appreciated your insights. Bon Chance!

Page Orb Pedde

Thank you Kathy. That means a lot coming from someone who has such a way with words herself. 🙂

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marcy james

I will miss you dearly. Your presence will hold ground here at RMSP for all time. Being your room mate at Photo Plus was one of my favorite things about working…Please come back often!!! And cheers to you for embracing your passion and drive. I’m so stoked to see where your dreams take you. Beautiful adventures, I’m sure.

Cindy Moisant

I remember meeting you on orientation day of SI 2011. You were one of the 1st staff members I met and I thought WOW she is cool. I didn’t see you much during the year but saw you again at the fair and was excited to see your face. I actually got a cute picture of you and Marcy to remember you by. If you are ever in Portland OR and want a shooting partner or to have a cocktail it would be great to get to know you. Good luck in your next adventure. It is scary (believe me) but stick with it and you will come out on top. Cheers, Cindy

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