Exhibition Mentorship: Lisa Kurtzhals

Last Friday Lisa Kurtzhals had her very first gallery opening. She was the first person to take part in a unique RMSP course, Exhibition Mentorship. This course pairs artists with a seasoned curator and artist, Kerri Rosenstein. Lisa spent six months working with Kerri on this particular exhibition. Despite the craziness of driving across country, hanging a show, being surprised by her sister who traveled all the way from her Peace Corps post in Nicaragua, Lisa managed to find the time to answer a few questions about her experience.

POP: You are the first person in the Exhibition Mentorship course with Kerri Rosenstein, what made you decide to go through this process?

Lisa Kurtzhals: After I finished SI, I wanted to do more.  I had time conflicts with AI.  So, the Exhibition Mentorship program was the next logical step.  In addition, I had always wanted to do a exhibition and this program had the perk of having someone “walk” along beside you through every step of the process.  It has been great.

POP: The program is 26 weeks and a minimum of 50 contact hours with Kerri via Skype, and email. What was your typical process during this 6 months? Did you feel like that was enough time?
LK: Kerri and I tried to be in contact weekly.  Sometimes Skype was a challenge because during the 6 months it always seemed like one or both of us was traveling.  We kept a calendar to be current on assignments and expectations.  We talked openly about our experiences and goals.  She shared her experience.  I shared my wishes.  Then it was up to me to make the informed decision.  She challenged me to visit galleries, make journal entries and writings that would support the exhibition process.  The calendar kept us on track with what decisions or creations needed to be done when.  Kerri is absolutely lovely, supportive, helpful and honest with every detail and decision.

Six months was enough time to pull together an exhibition with such wonderful help.  Six months seems like a short time with Kerri though.  I think we should continue to Skype each other for fun as we travel around the world.

POP:What was the most valuable part of this process for you?

LK: I favored the exhibition from the beginning. I’m a goal oriented person.  Kerri and I stepped our way through the months making decisions and completing exercises that would support a goal of completing a world travel themed photography exhibition by  September 2.

POP:What was the most challenging aspect of the exhibition/mentorship?

LK: Time Management. It is a challenge to juggle the program with the demands  of being a full time  engineering student.

POP:Have you ever had your own exhibition?

LK: No, this is my first one.  I had always wanted to do one though.  Exhibition Mentorship provided me the path to the goal.

All of Lisa’s hard work and her collaboration with Kerri Rosenstein paid off. Her opening was packed with people and the exhibition looks great!

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Well done Lisa!! I can’t wait to attend the next one.


Lisa: Dad and I are very proud of your accomplishments shown at the Gallery. We were happy to make the trip from Indiana and be part of your special weekend. The surprise package from Nicaragua blew me away. I sure hope that this showing will be followed by others just as delightful as this one. Mom (Shirley)


Congratulations, Lisa. I am so proud of you. The show is beautiful!

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