Alumni Friday: Lesley Kerr

Lesley Kerr attended the Career Training program in 2007. She was one of those students that instructors remember for her amazing creativity, vision and photographic style. She is currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia photographing children, weddings and portraits. Her images have a dream like quality and are absolutely gorgeous. Lesley is also the featured artist  in the summer  issue of Butterflies and Anvils, a photographic journal produced by Eileen Rafferty.

Besides working as a full time photographer Lesley is also an active member of Inspiration Through Art (formerly The Littlest Heroes Project) which gifts families of special needs children photography sessions.

To see more of Lesley’s work visit her website and blog.

3 thoughts on “Alumni Friday: Lesley Kerr

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Just checked out Lesley’s website… beautiful!! Also ordered another issue of Eileen’s Butterflies & Anvils. Can’t wait to get it! 🙂

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Barry Grivett

Cannot imagine a finer introduction to this delightful person/artist: (1) your description of her & her work; (2) Eileen Rafferty’s decision to feature her in her own work & the links to Lesley’s website & blog. She is an inspiration!

What a thrill it must have been to interact with Lesley at your Career Training Program. I wish I were planning to be in Atlanta.

Thank you for this introduction.

Zola Kell

always so thrilled to see lovely words about that girl i cherish so deeply!

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