RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 80

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Barry Grivett

Hi Page,

I believe I see why you left so much sky–almost 1/2 the frame: not just because the sky itself is a picture; but, because it adds to/completes the feeling of being there–journalistically. If that is the case, I believe I would have dodged the sky a bit to show even more detail. The break in the perimeter lighting at the UL doesn’t especially bother me: may add an opening/path to move around in the image.

Alternatively, if it were my image, from a purely pictorial standpoint, I would have cropped 2/3 the sky on the right & cropped the top to where the break in the lighting is at the upper left–eliminating the break. I love your subject; and, would minimize the competition of the sky–letting it be an excellent background.

Your image (1) takes me to the fair & (2) makes me want to be there. I wish it were mine.

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Melanie Wright

Oh, I love that blue sky and it’s complement to the warm colors of the ride. I also like the increased drama it adds to the scene. Cropping it would impede the “movement” of the ride.

I want to be there too.

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Barry Grivett

Thanks, Melanie, for your comment.

You & Page may have similar artistic sense/ability–which puts you both in good company!

I wish more folks would join in.

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Melanie Wright

Thanks, Barry! That’s such a nice compliment! I’m a big fan of Page’s work.

Yes, I wish more people would participate too. Paper Airplanes is a fairly new blog; hopefully, with time, more will join in.

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Page Orb Pedde

Stop it you two, I’m blushing:)

As always, Barry, I love your insight and your comments. Its always great to hear your response to my images.

Thank you both for all the conversations! I love it. (anyone else can jump in anytime…I promise we don’t bite!)

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