Alumni Friday: Neil Corman

Neil Corman was a software implementation consultant before deciding to follow his passion for photography and attend RMSP’s Career Training program in 2007. When he returned to Denver, Colorado, Neil started his business as a editorial, commercial and travel photographer. What I love most about Neil is that he has immersed himself into the photography community in Denver. He is a member of camera clubs and Meetup groups. His blog features interviews of other photographers. In 2009 he opened Gallery NRC in Denver that hosts individual, community and juried exhibitions throughout the year. It’s always inspiring to see our alumni sharing their passion for photography with the community.

To see more of Neil’s work visit his website and blog.


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Barry Grivett


Been to Sunset Beach & the Banzai Pipeline several times; but, never so early. Thanks for sharing this image, your website & blog.

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