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Barry Grivett

Hi Page,

You’re at it again with your compulsion for aggressively shallow DOF; and, I’m sure you know it works! Even so, or especially, without any artistic background on my part & with my limited photographic experience I don’t REALLY GET IT: I don’t see what the left half of the image contributes. I learned: if it doesn’t contribute, it shouldn’t be there. I really like your image but with the entire left half cropped off: a simple declarative image/story/’sentence’. What am I missing? Are you deliberately making the story more complex? You’re too good of a photographer; you must be up to something.

The fence, which with a greater DOF might take your viewer right out of the picture does not. And, ordinarily the triangle in the LR corner would drive me nuts; but, in this case–with its softened inner edge–it acts rather more like vignetting: stopping my eye from zooming over to that bright corner.

In the end, I have to say, you’ve done a masterful job of focusing my attention on your vertical subject while using a landscape format–much as cinematographers must so often do. [Me, I’d just flip my camera to vertical–which cinematographers usually cannot do. But, then, I shoot (or crop to) way more verticals anyway; and, this isn’t about me.]

I hate to ‘explain’ my own images; but, I’d greatly appreciate your comments.

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Page Orb Pedde


I actually thought about you when I posted this image, so I’m glad you commented.

I used several different apertures trying to make this photograph. In the end I liked the image and depth of field the best when I used f 3.5. The reason I like this one (and perhaps shallow depth of field in general) is because it hints at the surroundings without actually showing the details.With greater depth of field the strong diagonal line and details in the fence would have drawn the viewers eye away from the intended subject.

I was drawn to the scene because the grasses were backlit. I initially took a few vertical images that isolated the grass but the images felt flat. I had to ask myself, what did I like besides the backlit grass? I liked that these three pieces of grass grew where no other grass was growing, in an inhospitable place. The light just accented the idea. In fact I may not have seen this at all in different lighting conditions. Sure I could have cropped the image, however, it felt better to show/hint that the fence and cement wall at the back were otherwise grass free. The moment I walked by this scene the light happened to be just right and illuminated the grass while casting shadow on the rest of the scene. It spoke to me.

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