Photography Destination: Sedona, Arizona

What sets Sedona apart from the rest of the southwest? For one thing you’ve never seen red rock the same brilliant color anywhere else. Instructor Tim Cooper, leads a workshop in Sedona every fall and has spent a good deal of time photographing around the four corners region. With the amount of time he’s spent photographing red rock and canyons he admits, “Most of the red rock country in the southwest is great, but Sedona definitely has the most brilliant color of all the places that I have visited.” In the right light it absolutely glows a fire red like no other.

The intense color of the landscape is just one of the reasons Tim photographs in Sedona every year. “Sedona is as much about the atmosphere as it is about the landscape. Both stir soul and neither changes from year to year. This is exactly why people return over and over again!”

There are far too many great places to photograph in Sedona to list them all. As Tim admitted, not all of them are common destinations. One of his favorite locations is a pullout on the way to the airport. “You need to scramble up a hillside to get to it, but once you do, it is nearly a 360 degree view of the surrounding canyon country and overlooks the town of Sedona.  It’s one of those places that is magical at both sunrise and sunset.”

If you are going to Sedona to photograph there are a couple of day trips you shouldn’t miss:

  • Red Rock Crossing and Cathedral Rock. The views are incredible! Definitely worthy of multiple memory cards and a full battery.
  • Bob McGowan who used to live in the area recommends the road that heads into Oak Creek Canyon. It’s an incredibly scenic drive. This road heads south out of Flagstaff and traverses down into the Sedona Valley. Starting out, the views at the top are amazing. While descending the twists and turns of the road you pass oak, cottonwood and juniper tree-filled side canyons, creeks, flora, fauna, critters, birds, etc. Then, at final bend in the road, the vista opens up to a jaw-dropping view of the valley below. From here you can see the numerous naturally-formed monuments and monoliths.

Should you find yourself in Sedona make sure you have your camera. Many photographers agree there is something magical about this area and you shouldn’t miss it.

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