What People Are Saying About Bella Italia

If our instructors were superheroes, Elizabeth Stone and Tony Rizzuto would be the Dynamic Duo. Oh if only they wore capes to class. I digress. The rave reviews are still coming in about their workshop in Italy that was inspiring, fun, educational and resulted in beautiful images.  Take a look at what people are saying.

“The experience in the Bella Italia workshop is almost too good to describe with words.  If forced to use one word, the word “magical” is appropriate.  Every day was a new adventure in sights and tastes of Italy.  It was so hard to leave – I felt as if I’ve started a whole new life with a guest photography family. Tony and Elizabeth were able to help me grow in my skills and develop new skills on a daily basis.”
Brain H., MN

“I thought it was wonderful.  There were many different types of subjects to photograph, and very different light conditions.  I realized halfway through that the various photographic exercises we did every day would help me do other projects in the future.”
Hux M., OH

“Tony and Elizabeth make such a wonderful team.  Their dynamic nature creates enthusiasm and emotion very conducive to photographing and sharing something that is so personal.  Both are very perceptible and know how to bring out the best in each of us.  I leave each workshop they teach with a deeper sense of friendship.”
Terry E., CO


And now for a little more eye candy from Elizabeth and Tony.