60 Second Exposure-June’s Assignment Gallery

In June’s assignment, participants were asked to photograph something, anything, for 60 seconds. As easy as it sounds, people found this assignment to be challenging. How do you adjust your camera settings to keep your shutter speed at 60 seconds without overexposing the image? Some of the things people did were to use a neutral density filter, photograph in very low light or at night, and use a low ISO in combination with a small aperture.

The subject matter is quite varied and it’s interesting to see what people captured in 60 seconds.

Barry Grivett

Natalia Rizzolo

Genevieve Fix

Gregory Tapler

Nicholas Kakavas


2 thoughts on “60 Second Exposure-June’s Assignment Gallery

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Barry Grivett

Gregory, I love your images: (#1) The solid rock amid the fluidity of the rushing water–wonderful balance: both with their own space and strength; and, (#2) Your lakeside landscape is the picture of serenity: it seems you want our attention drawn to the lake–in which case I’d crop ~1/2 of the trees above the house. For me, they don’t contribute to your image & draw attention (unnecessarily) away from the lake.

Nicholas, your image is so evocative: lots of emotion. I love it.

Thanks for sharing; my only disappointment is that there are so few contributors & images: I was on edge imagining inspiration from our colleagues; but, not even any fireworks!


Barry, thank you for the feedback on the images. I appreciate your insight and recommendation. Part of me wants to recreate the incredibly beautiful night it was when I captured image #2…I remember the sun setting and the nice cool breeze – 🙂

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