RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 61

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Barry Grivett

Without the title, your image is (I hate to SAY mediocre) maybe a 3-star. [With the title I WAS going to rate it a 4-star (Keep reading).] After all, it is sharp/appropriate DOF, with good composition (I’d probably cut off 1/2 the top; you still get the idea of popcorn raining) & excellent color & texture. If I recognized Chris Fairbanks, that might lift it to a 5-star. FULL STOP. Crap. I just looked-up Chris on YouTube & went to your website. You probably left room at the top for yet another magazine cover/title! Duh. And, it’s not your fault I didn’t recognize Chris. BTW, thanks for introducing him/his work to me; and, a huge thanks for introducing me to your own art/work–which you already know is awesome.


Excellent comment here Barry! I appreciate that you really looked at the image, researched Chris and checked out my site. Very cool of you! Thanks.

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