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My friend and co-worker, Eileen Keenan, changed my life this year. She introduced me to the world of creating my own customized e-newspaper/e-zine. I love to research and learn about anything and everything concerning photography and technology. My bookmarked sites are full of resources and inspiring stories. Prior to Eileen changing my world I had to scroll through the bazillions of blogs and e-zines to see what was new. Not anymore! She turned me on to an ‘add on’ feature in the Firefox web browser that enabled me to create something called a Feed Reader also known as a News Aggregation Website. This tool, which you set up manually by adding your favorite news feeds, alerts you every time an online resource that you are following has an update.  It functions just like a newspaper.

The ‘add on’ that I am using, called Brief, also enables me to organize my personalized newspaper into categories. So while some of you may be sitting at your kitchen table in the morning reading sections like Front page, Sports, Local, Real Estate, Living and Business, I arrive to my office every morning (coffee in hand) to read sections like, Photo Industry, Technology, Visual Studies, Student Blogs, Curriculum, Business and Marketing, and one of my favorites…The Future.

Subscribing to blogs without putting into place an easy and efficient way to monitor and follow their activity hinders your learning potential. Starting my day reading about photography inspires me and fuels my day. It’s a great learning tool that keeps me in the know in an industry that changes moment by moment.

Here’s a sampling from the current list of blogs that I read in the morning with my cup-a-joe from Butterfly Herbs.

And for those of you who have been doing this for a while, please feel free to chime in using the comments section of this post. What Feed Reader do you use and why? What blogs can you not live without? And if the idea of using a Feed Reader is completely foreign to you and you would like a tutorial on how to set it up, let us know. Here we go RMSP community. Share your ideas. And thanks, Eileen, for sharing  this awesome tool with me!

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Tony Rix

I use Google Reader ( for my feeds. It’s a web-based reader rather than a browser add on. The advantage of this, for me, is that I can access my feeds from any computer, any browser, or even my phone without having to worry about keeping everything in sync. Another advantage is that Google Reader has Google’s powerful search engine built-in, so I can easily search my feeds for old articles that I need to reference again.

Reader supports organizing your feeds in folders or using tags. You can easily share articles you read with family/friends. You can follow your friends who use Reader and automatically see the articles they share even if you don’t subscribe to the original feed. It even attempts to recommend additional feeds that you may like based on your current subscriptions. It also has the Trends feature that will show you how active your feeds are and your reading statistics.

According to my trends for the last 30 days, I look through an average of 120 articles per day from 107 current feeds using Google Reader. Here’s a few of the photography related ones beyond those already mentioned: (Photoshop Insider)

And, of course, this blog.

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Page Orb Pedde

Excellent link suggestions and explanation of Google Reader.
I bounce around between computers and have been using Google Reader as well.

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marcy james

Thank you thank you Tony!!!
I think that I am going to need to check into your suggestion as I am at a loss for my newspaper on the weekends when I am away from my work computer. We need to have you around the office more! I loved your work with Page on the blog.
I love the participation guys. Any more ideas anyone???

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