Student Testimonial


Rose Epps Texas

Colorado Mountains & Wildflowers - 2013

While my photography interests are quite varied, I can’t seem to pass a beautiful flower without taking a few shots.  When I received my RMSP catalog this year, I zoomed in on the Colorado Mountain and Wildflower travel workshop.  Since my husband and I weren’t taking our annual June trip, why not put the money on this instead?

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It was a great decision!  The 4×4 vehicles they provided enabled me to photograph locations I would never be able to get to on my own, and I returned with wonderful images.  Having taken several great RMSP workshops in the past, I was not expecting to learn that much new in the classroom lectures, but I was pleasantly surprised!  Tim Cooper and co-instructor Lynn Hoffman-Brouse were excellent teachers, and I learned new creative techniques.  Their image critiques were most helpful and encouraging.  I had already been following and enjoying Tim’s photography online for quite a while.

The preparation materials provided by RMSP were very helpful.  Who would have thought I’d need a heavy jacket, raincoat, gloves, hat, etc. in midsummer?  And importantly, I felt comfortable traveling alone with RMSP.

This workshop isn’t just for macro photographers.  The landscape scenery was phenomenal around Ouray and Silverton provided unique small-town shooting opps.

What I liked most about this workshop was the opportunity to be at these locations, at not only just the right time of the year for wildflowers, but at just the right time of the day (or evening).  This workshop took my photography to new heights, both literally and figuratively.  And what a pleasant weather change from the July heat of Austin, Texas!