Student Testimonial

Robert Allison

Robert Allison Montana

Career Training 2012

As a native of Montana I have known about RMSP for a long time. I have requested and thrown away my share of catalogs, but never really thought I would get an opportunity to attend. It wasn’t until March of 2012 that I not only knew I was going; I knew nothing was going to stop me. What changed?

My father passed away.

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I was settling his estate and cleaning his house when I came across his half painted canvas. Life is too short for half painted canvases and I had a few of my own to finish as well. I realized it was time to change my priorities. I had made a disastrous attempt to learn photography back in the days of film. With my new DLSR camera that I got as I gift I immediately started capturing images and tried to learn as much as I could. I liked what I saw, but knew something was missing. If I was going to love what I saw then I needed to make RMSP a priority.

I am still amazed that a place like RMSP even exists. It is hard to find the words to explain a place that treats you like an artist until you feel like one. RMSP is a place that values your work until you wake-up and realize your work does have value. I describe the program to my friends and family as a combination of creative incubator and a boot camp for photographers. It has put me on a solid path I only dreamt of a few months ago. I love my work, but is my work perfect? No, but it has improved 200%. RMSP taught me with photography you will never stop learning, so enjoy the ride and are never too old to start.

I entered the program wanting to learn more about photography. Not only did I accomplish that, but I learned about myself and have developed life long friends.