Student Testimonial


Lennie Phillips Montana

Vegas to Zion: Dusk to Dawn - 2013

When I first signed up for the Dusk to Dawn workshop I thought I would be learning better techniques for shooting in low light situations, I had no idea I would be completely changing everything I knew about photography.

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I was introduced to light painting where we shot in complete darkness with our only natural light being the moon and then we used flashlights to “paint” our subject. I learned the best way to take celestials shots and to capture star trails as well as the city lights of Las Vegas. Just as important as learning the techniques, we were shown the best programs for photo editing, stacking and processing and then taught how to use them.

For someone who was being introduced to some of this for the first time I couldn’t have asked for better instructors in Tim Cooper and Gabe Biderman. They were patient, informative and more importantly enthusiastic about teaching and helping me to explore my creative side with everything I was learning. They also came up with some amazing locations to shoot at which we probably wouldn’t have had near the access to otherwise. I have been asked by others what I thought about the class and my first response is, it will change your life, you have to take it.