Student Testimonial

Kimberly Minter

Kimberly Minter Idaho

Career Training 2012

I was so excited for Summer Intensive that I signed up in October and couldn’t stop dreaming
about it until I got to Missoula in May. I had very high expectations about what I was going
to get out of my summer in Montana. I have to say, my expectations were met and were exceeded.
I came into SI with little knowledge on how to use my manual settings, I could use them but I
had no idea what I was doing or why. Well, that started to change in the first week. I loved
the curriculum that was used and how the instructors assigned our assignments. We went out into
the field and did it the wrong way and then the right way. That was so crucial in my learning
experience. One of the best things going for me were my classmates. It’s amazing how well RMSP
assigns groups; I have to say they hit it right on with ours. We always had encouragement from
each other and the instructors, assistants, staff and owners. I’ve never been in such a loving
learning environment. That was key to keeping myself going. Some days I thought, wow, what am I
doing here and at about that time I would have a newfound friend tell me that yes, I was good
enough. It is so amazing how fast we became a family, it didn’t matter where we came from or
how old we were. I know that I will always be able to count on them. I came to SI knowing I
would make new friends but I left with a new family and a new career. I will always cherish my
time in Missoula at Rocky Mountain School of Photography.