Student Testimonial


Frank Yong Canada

Summer Intensive 2014

SI 2014 has led to me having the best summer ever.  I’ve been inspired by lifelong friends I’ve made during the program and have been challenged to learn as much as I can about photography. For the longest time, I have looked at photographs and images with a sense of wonder and curiosity.  In early 2014, after having taken online courses for about half a year, I was looking for an intensive summer program to gain a strong photography foundation.  I wanted to decipher what made a great photograph and be able to create amazing photographs myself.  My goal was not to only learn the steps in using my camera but also the underlying explanations so that I could be confident in any situation.  Whenever I posed a technical question to Tony Rizzuto, an amazing instructor, he was determined to answer that question completely and even checked to make sure I understood the concept fully.  I also wanted to understand the design elements of photographs as well as discover my artistic side.  This was addressed by Marcy James, another great instructor, who was inspirational with her commitment and her shared experiences with photography projects.  The set of classes in the curriculum provides a structure for me to learn photography at a pace that could not be done on my own.  The community here has been encouraging and supportive towards me realizing the artist within.  Although I had my doubts about moving to Missoula from Toronto for a summer, the experience I’ve had in Montana with the amazing group of fellow photographers has helped make this the best summer ever, full of road trips, learning, personal growth and laughter!