Student Testimonial


Brent & Trudy Wright Texas

Vegas to Zion: Dusk to Dawn - 2013

This is our second RMSP workshop and we had a great time.  Doing workshops together gives us a chance to totally immerse ourselves in a hobby we both love, while getting incredible instruction and guidance from top-notch professional instructors.  We have had the opportunity to go places and photograph subjects we otherwise would not have been able to shoot.

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The two workshops we have attended – Colorado’s Mountains and Wildflowers and Vegas to Zion – have been totally different, but both were fun, exciting, and we learned so much about our photography, and ourselves in each one.  The mix of classroom instruction and practical application in the field make these experiences invaluable. The Vegas to Zion workshop was our choice, due to being totally different from anything else we had done previously.  Some of the highlights were the Neon museum, the ghost towns and Zion National Park itself.  Gabe and Tim provided excellent instruction and support.  Night photography requires a great deal of planning to do well; therefore it will improve your basic photography skills.  Being able to use Lensbabies during the workshop was a great opportunity and allowed us to get an introduction to their use.  We plan to take more RMSP workshops together in the future.