Student Testimonial


Barbara Lewis Washington

Lightroom for Photographers - 2012

Photography is my passion, while teaching is my profession. Not surprisingly, I enjoy studying photography in workshop settings with the excellent instruction and dedicated and knowledgeable teachers I have always experienced and expect from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

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Recently I took a Foundation Workshop called “Lightroom for Photographers” in Seattle taught by David Marx. I had been introduced to David about four years earlier during a Seattle Photo Weekend and remembered him as being one of the best teachers I had ever had. Then, as in this recent workshop, David far exceeded my desires and expectations as a great instructor. He clearly communicates his thorough understanding of Lightroom and then reinforces the understanding and

skills through exercises that are practiced until his students themselves begin to master some of the techniques in the software. All of this is done with great patience and fun and a willingness to help students after class. In addition, all students were given a copy of his Lightroom lessons to install in their computers for later reference. David was assisted by Roxanne, who graciously helped the workshop participants feel comfortable, solve any problems and enjoy our experience.

Before this Foundation Workshop, I had taken four Photo Weekends and enjoyed the fine instruction of Tony Rizzuto, Tim Cooper, and Doug Johnson. Over the years I have taken many workshops with various other schools and photographers but consider RMSP and their instructors as the best that I have experienced. Needless to say, I look forward to future workshops with them.