Student Testimonial


Angela Alexander Montana

Photography of People - 2013

For my first class at RMSP, I chose the Photography of People.  I took a class on photography in high school and one in college, but I never continued or practiced much and lost my knowledge of photography pretty quickly.  After I had my first child I picked the camera back up and started re-learning my camera by reading about photography and practicing by photographing my children.  After a few years of getting more comfortable and finally shooting manually, I knew I was ready for formal instruction.

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Photography of People was the perfect choice for me since I primarily use my camera to photograph my children and to document our lives.  The workshop was definitely worth the time and expense.  Tony and Jeremy are excellent instructors who complement each other well in the class.  They are both extremely knowledgeable and did a great job at explaining concepts in easy to understand ways.  I learned so much about my camera and my style of photography during the one-week course in Missoula.  The class was challenging and thought provoking.  I learned to think before I shoot.  With digital photography it is easy to crop and adjust after the fact, but Jeremy and Tony really stressed that they want us to think about our shot while we are in the moment so we don’t have to do a lot of work after the fact.  They taught us to think about the light, where your subject is in the frame, what else is happening around you, and if you think you missed the shot just stay ready because sometimes history repeats itself.

Half the battle with photographing people is not being ready, so now, I know how to be ready for the shot.  I thoroughly enjoyed my week at RMSP, and I know my photography skills improved after this workshop.  I hope to take more classes with RMSP in the future.