Kerri Rosenstein

Kerri Rosenstein makes work that often relates to themes of impermanence and the cyclic nature of things—usually in the form of drawing, sculpture, installation and large collaborative efforts. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally. Additionally, Kerri has been gallery director/curator/exhibition coordinator for several different arts venues over the past decade, including Farm Artspace and Gallery Saintonge in Missoula, Montana. Kerri also has worked as a challenge course/team-building facilitator for a range of different programs and organizations, and maintains varying roles as an arts educator and independent curator. She’s taught drawing and painting, and design and installation in academic settings such as The University of Montana, as well as alternative environments such as Caldera, a nonprofit program providing arts education and mentorship for underserved youth. For RMSP, Kerri has been exhibitions coordinator and creative director of the portfolio-in-progress reviews and prep course, as well as the one-on-one exhibition practicum course.