Allen Rokach

Allen Rokach has spent more than 30 years traveling the world on outdoor photography assignments for magazines, advertising agencies, publications and corporate clients. An expert in location photography, Allen has established a reputation as a preeminent commercial and editorial photographer. His special love and expertise is nature, specifically garden and flower photography, which he nurtured during his 12 years as the staff photographer and director of photography at The New York Botanical Garden and his 10 years as a senior photographer at Southern Living magazine. With his wife, Anne Millman, Allen co-authored scores of articles and eight books on photography, including the award-winning Focus on Flowers: Discovery & Photographing Beauty in Gardens & Wild Places, of which The New York Times Book Review said: “The photographer’s eye is keen and unhackneyed…Mr. Rokach provides…beautiful, often haunting pictures.” A dedicated photographic educator and lecturer, Allen has taught at numerous workshops. His prints are widely exhibited and collected.