Free Public Lecture: Neil Chaput de Saintonge – Interchangeable Lens Cameras and Intermediate Exposure Techniques

Free Public Lecture: Neil Chaput de Saintonge presents a 2 part lecture: Part I: What’s New in Interchangeable Lens Cameras, Part II: Intermediate Exposure Techniques

November 12, 2013
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Studio B, RMSP


Part One, 7-8pm

Interchangeable Lens Cameras – Camera features are always changing and evolving.  This lecture will get you caught up on brands, models and what is most important to have on your camera and what you really do not need.  Neil will give handouts and discuss the newest cameras – the mirror-less cameras – and why this could be a good direction for many people especially those who want to travel light with their camera.  Neil will show you how you can put together a great system for under $500.  With the holidays approaching, this is a timely lecture for those photographers (including yourself!) on your gift list.

Part Two, 8-9pm

Intermediate Exposure Techniques – Exposure has always been one of the more difficult aspects of photography to master.  Neil, who learned exposure techniques from Ansel Adams, will narrow down your exposure choices to just a few methods.  These easy-to-remember techniques are dependent on what you are shooting.  You’ll understand exposure and metering modes, along with exposure compensation, much better after attending this lecture.  Neil will show many examples to explain what he is teaching.  This is not a basic class in f-stops and shutter speeds.  A basic knowledge of exposure is necessary to get the most out of the lecture.

Please join us for one or both of these informative lectures. 

Neil will give a short break between the lectures for those who need to come or go.