September’s Assignment Gallery – Once in a Blue Moon
October 5, 2012  Author:   (2)

The call for our readers to capture the most extraordinary of occurrences with their cameras did not go unheeded. September’s challenge with “Once in a Blue Moon” motivated our stellar photographers to produce truly unique work. The moon itself is represented in artistically powerful ways, as well as the sun in smoke-filled skies. Even “people […]

August’s Assignment Gallery – Down Under, Around or Behind
September 5, 2012  Author:  

When portraying the evident from an unusual angle, a whole new world of vistas can truly be brought to bear. This is exactly what we see in these awesome images from the participants in this month’s assignment, “Down Under, Around or Behind.” Here are some of the comments regarding their experience with the assignment listed […]

May’s Assignment Gallery – Leap of Faith
May 26, 2012  Author:   (4)

Certainly not a new term, “Leap of Faith” has become vernacular for a place where people overcome doubt and are able to trust in their sometimes life-changing decisions. Unbeknownst to us at the time when we posted the assignment, the week prior, a Broadway show of the same name, Leap of Faith, opened (thank you […]

Birmingham Weekend Assignment…the sequel!
April 13, 2012  Author:  

Due to the Easter holiday last weekend, we weren’t expecting to have any participant images to post today. But thanks to Cindy LeGrand, a participant at our Birmingham Photo Weekend, we are back in business!! Cindy missed the deadline to submit after her Weekend, but came through with a submission of great photos anyway. So […]

November’s Assignment Gallery – Night & Light
November 21, 2011  Author:   (1)

As the saying goes, “the night time is the right time.”  And the photographers that submitted their images for November’s Night and Light assignment couldn’t agree more. Many thanks to those who braved the dark and the cold and came through with their “homework” for this assignment. Great work! If you are interested in submitting […]