Alumni Friday: Serena Lissy
December 30, 2011  Author:  

Serena Lissy joined us for our Career Training program in 2009 and wow, what a journey she has been on ever since! After graduating, she took some time to explore and find what it was about photography that ignites her passion so intensely before moving forward in her career. After experimenting and trying a few […]

Alumni Friday – Michael and Jesse Crowe
December 23, 2011  Author:   (6)

In 2007 Missoula, Montana native and resident, Michael Crowe, decided to take the proverbial leap of faith in photography and join us for our Summer Intensive Career Training course. No easy task considering that she was several months pregnant at the time. Having been an excellent student, photographer and model, she quickly added first-time parent […]

Alumni Friday: Melanie Little
December 9, 2011  Author:   (2)

Every single person out there is on a different, unique, and totally personal photographic road. 2009 Career Training graduate Melanie Little, whose road includes Tennessee, tattoos and The Big Apple, is no exception. Hailing from Franklin, TN, Melanie earned a BFA in photography and a minor in art history from LSU. After graduating she attended an […]

Alumni Friday – Brenda Lindstrom
October 28, 2011  Author:   (3)

Continuing with our theme of highlighting some of the graduates that returned to RMSP to assist in our 2011 Career Training program, today we shine the spotlight on Brenda Lindstrom.  Brenda began her relationship with RMSP at a Photo Weekend in Portland, Oregon in 2008. That’s all it took to get her hooked! The next […]

Alumni Friday – Amber Alder
October 14, 2011  Author:  

Having begun pursuing her passion in photography at an early age, in 2006 Amber Alder attended the Career Training program and has since hit the ground running in her home town of Pocatello, Idaho. From her bio: “Her local background includes stints at Stuart’s Photo/ Graphic, providing greater experience in a studio setting, staging portraits […]

New Year’s Resolutions: What’s on Your Compact Flash Card?
December 29, 2010  Author:   (3)

As much as I dislike the whole connotation of the term “New Year’s Resolution”- the implication being that life has gotten wildly off track for us in the year just ending – this time of year does lend itself to a certain amount of both reflection upon the past and looking forward to the future. Recently, much of the […]

Being Candid
December 22, 2010  Author:  

Being Candid I don’t do so well taking posed portraits whether it’s in a studio or not. Directing people, choosing backdrops, controlling lighting – not my strengths. But shooting candid shots, well, THAT gets my blood flowing. What could be better than capturing a spontaneous, unselfconscious look that tells a great story in and of […]

Guest Article: Mel Mann (RMSP SI/AI 2009 alum)Talks About His Experience as Artist in Residence at Homestead National Monument, Nebraska (Part 2)
December 8, 2010  Author:   (7)

Part 2:  Homestead National Monument was created by an act of Congress in 1936 “…as an appropriate monument to retain for posterity a proper memorial emblematical of the hardships and the pioneer life through which the early settlers passed in the settlement, cultivation and civilization of the Great West.”  Although part of the National Park […]

Q & A with Sue LaRose
November 30, 2010  Author:  

If you are even a little bit familiar with Rocky Mountain School of Photography, you probably already know that our educational opportunities are packaged into three programs:  Career Training, Workshops and Weekends.  Today, these three programs have lives of their own and continue to offer excellent opportunities for photographers around the world.  What you might […]

Take a Journey to Another Photographic World – Underwater Photography Part I
September 7, 2010  Author:   (4)

Life can be full of exciting journeys when we seek them out, or vice versa.  My latest journey began when I purchased an underwater housing and strobes for my digital SLR late last year.  After completing Summer Intensive and Advanced Intensive training at Rocky Mountain School of Photography during the fall of 2009, I returned […]