November’s Assignment- Night & Light
October 21, 2011  Author:   (3)

  With less and less daylight ahead during the encroaching fall and winter seasons, the night time is the right time to break out your camera. The beauty that can be achieved with long nighttime exposures will open up a whole new world for a photographer. Have you ever taken a cityscape photograph at night? […]

September Assignment – Back to School
September 15, 2011  Author:   (2)

This month’s assignment involves this bittersweet time of year when summer comes to a close and the kids head “Back to School.” This may seem like more of a documentary assignment, but not necessarily. How would you depict the activity of getting the kids prepared and ready to dive right back into their learning environments? […]

Reflections: August/September Assignment Gallery
  Author:   (5)

This month’s assignment asked the photographer to depict reflections – or the act of reflecting – with their images.  It seems this assignment really struck a chord with our creative readers. Since the word itself can mean many things, our readers interpreted its meaning in many interesting ways. So much so, this assignment broke a […]

Sunny 16 – July Assignment
July 20, 2011  Author:   (2)

The summer is a perfect time to practice using the “Sunny 16” method of exposure. Sunny 16 is a way to determine the exposure of a scene without a meter. Seem difficult? It’s really not. Neil Chaput de Saintonge’s recent articles on Sunny 16 are chock full of great information that simplifies this technique and […]

Alternate Perspective On April Assignment
May 12, 2011  Author:  

Barry Grivett is a regular contributor to our monthly assignments. His images are usually accompanied by a note about the assignment and his experience through the process. My favorite notes from Barry are the ones regarding an assignment which he admits is outside his normal realm of photography,  but feels invigorated by the challenge it […]

Paper Airplanes – April Assignment Gallery
May 10, 2011  Author:   (1)

For the one year anniversary of the blog I thought it would be fitting for the monthly assignment to include paper airplanes. In in the past year I’ve been paying much closer attention to these handmade aircraft so I’m quite partial to this assignment gallery. Kristal McKamey Scott Fuller Tiffiny Kendall   Barry Grivett   Genevieve […]

Cellphone Photography – March Assignment
March 14, 2011  Author:   (2)

Everyone has a cell phone these days and most cell phones have cameras. This means that we no longer have the excuse, “I saw a great photo and I didn’t have a camera with me.” Cellphone images are playing a larger part in photography as more and more people use their phones to show the world […]

Autumn- A Feast for the Senses Assignment Gallery
October 22, 2010  Author:   (3)

We have had a great response to October’s photographic challenge – to capture the essence of fall with a camera. Recognizing that attempting to bring all of one’s senses together in a single moment is an exercise in presence, the results produced by everybody did indeed reflect a unique and individual interpretation of the assignment. Under each person’s name is […]