February’s Assignment – The Eyes Have It
February 9, 2013  Author:   (2)

Recently, we’ve had you looking freshly at scenes using all of your senses, but primarily with just one; sight. Seeing is one thing mentally, but the origin of it relates to physical properties of both the environment and the body in order to sense light in our brains. So how is that we do this? […]

June’s Assignment – Gettin’ All Wet!
May 25, 2012  Author:   (4)

What would life be without water? Easy answer is that there simply wouldn’t be any life without water. Water is everywhere. It sloshes, seeps, runs, pools, freezes, floods and falls. It evokes emotions such as calm and peaceful, yet our tears are outward expressions of anger or sadness. We float on it, surf on it, […]

Overland Park, Kansas Assignment Results
May 4, 2012  Author:  

…And that’s a wrap folks!!  Our 2012 Photo Weekends season is in the books! Instructors Doug Johnson and Tim Cooper knocked it outta the park with a fun-filled couple of days in Overland Park, Kansas last weekend. We’d like to take this opportunity to extend a gigantic thank you to everyone in Overland Park, and […]

Indianapolis Assignment Results
April 2, 2012  Author:   (1)

To all of you fine folks who contributed images after the Indianapolis Photo Weekend, sorry to keep you waiting over the weekend for you to see your images here. But on the bright side, this post might make your Monday a little bit brighter. By the way … Tony Rizzuto and Eileen Rafferty had a […]

March’s Assignment Gallery – The Magic Number 3
March 30, 2012  Author:  

For the month of March, we asked our readers to show us their best work with the theme in mind of that crazy little digit lying between 2 and 4 on the numeric scale, the Magic Number 3. Our fantastic readers/creatives first loaded the bases and instead of simply hitting a triple, they managed to […]

Bismarck Weekend Assignment
March 23, 2012  Author:   (1)

Sneaking this one in just under the 5 o’clock-on-Friday-wire! We received one image from our homework assignment given at the Bismarck Weekend. We are grateful for your submission, Rose Klein!! Even though it makes us want spring to arrive in Missoula like it has (apparently) in Bismarck! Here’s what Rose had to say about her […]

Boise Weekend Assignment Results
March 19, 2012  Author:   (2)

Woops!  Looks like someone was too excited about St. Patrick’s Day on Friday and completely forgot to post the results from the Boise Photo Weekend. My apologies to our contributors.  Looks like there is no pot o’ gold at the and of the rainbow for this blogger.    

Atlanta Assignment Result
March 12, 2012  Author:   (4)

Well, as it turns out I neglected to post the photo that came in last week from a participant in our Atlanta Photo Weekend. Maybe it was the sunny weather we had here in Missoula on Friday or maybe it was the … nope … it was definitely the sun that had me thinking about […]

Birmingham Assignment Result … and a slight change.
March 2, 2012  Author:   (2)

Let’s hear it for Birmingham Weekend participant Ron Clemmons for turning in his “homework” from the assignment given at the weekend. Ron, you definitely get an A+ … not just for contributing … but for sharing such a beautiful image with our blog readers. Love the shallow depth of field, the composition and the pop […]

Salt Lake City Assignment Results
February 24, 2012  Author:  

Last week, after our Photo Weekend in Sacramento, two people submitted images for the assignment. For being the brave, committed photogs that they are, we rewarded their efforts with two complimentary tickets to the Bahamas (not really … I just wanted to make everyone who didn’t submit feel the sting for a second or two). […]

Charleston Weekend Assignment Results
January 27, 2012  Author:  

Our second Photo Weekend of the 2012 season is in the books! Instructors Tim Cooper and Tony Rizzuto took Charleston, SC by storm and from the feedback we’ve received, it sounds like everyone in attendance had a blast. Here are the results from the assignment given at the Charleston Weekend. We’d like to thank the […]

Minneapolis Weekend Assignment Results
January 20, 2012  Author:   (1)

At our first Photo Weekend of the 2012 season, we gave everyone in attendance a little parting gift. Well … that is if you consider homework a gift. We asked that anyone who was interested submit a photo inspired by a course they took during the Weekend event. So, if they loved the HDR and […]

December’s Assignment Gallery – Patterns
December 30, 2011  Author:   (1)

We can tell when we have a winner of an assignment usually by the volume of submissions we receive in response.  December’s assignment, Patterns, is a great example. Since identifying and interpreting patterns in the human brain is as creative a process as taking a photograph, the result of the work submitted is a broad, […]

January’s Assignment – Critters
  Author:   (1)

Now who doesn’t love animals?! You don’t, you say? Then why not go shoot some. This may seem like an antagonistic way to introduce an assignment, but please “bear” with us. Okay, so you have a camera and you don’t hate animals. Let’s see what you can do about capturing them…live. The assignment for January […]

December’s Assignment – Patterns
November 21, 2011  Author:   (1)

For many people in the United States, the primary goal this week is to make it through a few days of work so the Thanksgiving festivities can begin. We understand this is a lofty goal and shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, once you have successfully achieved it and are looking to redirect your attention from […]