One Last Interview
September 9, 2011  Author:   (14)

Today is the end of an era for me…or at least a decade. I will be hanging up my RMSP hat after today and turning the blog over to Bob McGowan and Andy Kemmis. In my ten years here, I’ve learned a lot about photography, photography education, people, and myself. I’ve practically grown up here. […]

Exhibition Mentorship: Lisa Kurtzhals
September 7, 2011  Author:   (3)

Last Friday Lisa Kurtzhals had her very first gallery opening. She was the first person to take part in a unique RMSP course, Exhibition Mentorship. This course pairs artists with a seasoned curator and artist, Kerri Rosenstein. Lisa spent six months working with Kerri on this particular exhibition. Despite the craziness of driving across country, hanging […]

RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 83
September 6, 2011  Author:  

This image was created by Melanie Wright.

Alumni Friday: Hillary Maybery
September 2, 2011  Author:  

Hillary Maybery was a determined student during Summer Intensive and is and incredibly dedicated photographer today. Hillary is based out of Sun Valley Idaho and photographs people, weddings, seniors, kids and families. You will also see many of her editorial images in local publications such as Sun Valley Magazine. Hillary’s images show her ability to […]

Instructor Ed Kashi’s Gallery Exhibit in Brooklyn, NY

Ed Kashi, instructor of our Professional Studies Documentary Photography course, had a Gallery Opening last night for his body of work, Eye Contact,  in Brooklyn, NY at the  VII Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Ed is an incredible documentary photographer and this exhibition explores the sometimes invasive presence of a documentary photographer and his camera. There is […]

RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 82
August 29, 2011  Author:   (2)

This composited image was created by Melanie Wright.

Reflections – August/September Assignment
  Author:   (2)

This month’s assignment is to photograph reflections. Many photographers are drawn to the sight of clouds and blue sky floating on the surface of a puddle, the balanced symmetry of a landscape reflected in a lake or even street lights reflected in a store window. Time and time again artists have explored the concept of reflections. Perhaps […]

Sunny 16-July Assignment Gallery

I’m not going to lie, this was a tough assignment. I asked people to ignore the light meter built into their cameras and evaluate an exposure based on the Sunny 16 method. This assignment was intended to push people to truly understand light and exposure. I applaud Barry and Genevieve for going out and giving […]

Nancy Rotenberg
  Author:   (5)

Monday mornings are hard enough but it’s even more difficult to come to work and find out that a amazing colleague has passed away. Nancy Rotenberg, a photographer, an amazing instructor, and an inspiring woman lost her battle with cancer August 27th. We will miss Nancy’s unbelievable creativity, her vibrant personality and her amazing ability to inspire […]

Alumni Friday: Lesley Kerr
August 26, 2011  Author:   (3)

Lesley Kerr attended the Career Training program in 2007. She was one of those students that instructors remember for her amazing creativity, vision and photographic style. She is currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia photographing children, weddings and portraits. Her images have a dream like quality and are absolutely gorgeous. Lesley is also the […]

Exhibition Mentorship: Lisa M. Kurtzhals’ Passport to Adventure
August 25, 2011  Author:  

Lisa M. Kurtzhals will be exhibiting Passport to Adventure at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography Gallery in Missoula, MT September 2nd through November 28th, 2011. After graduating from RMSP’s Summer Intensive Program in 2010, Lisa began working with RMSP’s newly-formed Exhibition Mentorship Program. The 6-month, one-on-one course is facilitated by former RMSP Gallery director and instructor, Kerri Rosenstein  and […]

Congratulations Summer Intensive Class of 2011
August 24, 2011  Author:   (1)

Last Friday was the graduation of our 2011 Summer Intensive class. I can personally attest to the amazing amount of growth as both a photographer and person that happens during the eleven weeks. There is something about the people, the intensity of the program and process of learning to better understand photography that also helps […]

RMSP 365 Day Project: Day 81
August 17, 2011  Author:   (2)

This image was taken by Melanie Wright.

Alumni Friday: Neil Corman
August 12, 2011  Author:   (1)

Neil Corman was a software implementation consultant before deciding to follow his passion for photography and attend RMSP’s Career Training program in 2007. When he returned to Denver, Colorado, Neil started his business as a editorial, commercial and travel photographer. What I love most about Neil is that he has immersed himself into the photography […]