Living the dream
March 27, 2012  Author:  

People come to RMSP with a lot of things in common.  They have dreamed for years of being photographers. They remember the exact day and occasion that they received their first camera.  They were thrilled when they caught that special moment on film.  They have been told by their family and friends that they have a great […]

Austin Unplugged?
March 12, 2012  Author:  

Missoula, Montana was described to me by a friend a few years ago as what Austin, Texas was in the 70’s.  I don’t know much about Austin but I find Missoula to be an upbeat place filled with people who are committed to living their lives to the fullest. Passion flows through the active lifestyles of the […]

Feed the hungry. Guide the foolish.
February 28, 2012  Author:   (3)

Take the plunge! Live your Dream!  Follow your Bliss, Namaste.  Maybe we don’t hear these phrases as often these days as we did a couple of years ago. Our collective thoughts and attention seem to be centered around, pulling back, getting by, doing what is necessary to make things work. You know, survival.  How can we risk stepping […]

All Photography. All The Time
February 18, 2012  Author:   (2)

Can you imagine what it would be like for you to spend three hundred and sixty hours on photography over a period of 11 weeks? How cool would it be learning to focus on what is in front of you or what is in the distance?  What if you were taught about the way that […]