Curiosity Leads to Great Photography Projects
May 21, 2010  Author:   (4)

Thank goodness for RMSP students. Jimmy White, one of our Career Training graduates, just sent me this fascinating blog post about a photographic study that he made of a fly species called Ornidia obesa. I recommend that you take a look at his post if you are a curious person. Heck, I suggest you take […]

Start your Day with a Customized Newspaper
May 14, 2010  Author:   (4)

While some of you may be sitting at your kitchen table in the morning reading sections like Front page, Sports, Local, Real Estate, Living and Business, I arrive to my office every morning (coffee in hand) to read sections like, Photo Industry, Technology, Visual Studies, Student Blogs, Curriculum, Business and Marketing, and one of my favorites…The Future.

The Importance of Making Your Mark.
May 7, 2010  Author:   (3)

By now you have surfed, navigated and clicked your way through our new blog in search of learning something new, gaining a moment of inspiration, connecting with your peers or perhaps you are just plain curious.  Thanks for checking us out! Our blog chief, Page, asked me to write to you all every week. If […]