Watching Movies Can Expand the Way You Photograph

March 18, 2014  Author:   (9)

Winter is almost over in Missoula which means that many of us are about to come out of our cocoons and caves to see the… READ MORE >


Gain Access: Tom Robertson documents the journey of North Face ultrarunners on the John Muir Trail

March 4, 2014  Author:  

Post written by Tom Robertson. In the summer of 2013, North Face ultrarunners Mike Wolfe and Hal Koerner set a new Fastest Known Time (FKT)… READ MORE >


Gain Access: Linda Thompson explores identity and place in the villages of Northern Sweden

February 18, 2014  Author:   (4)

Hi everyone. It has been an exciting couple of weeks as a few of you have written to me about interesting short term photo shoots… READ MORE >


Gain access: Just about the Best Photography Assignment ever!

February 4, 2014  Author:  

I had a fearless and passionate teacher named Marty Fromm who used to give a brilliant photo assignment to his students called “Gain Access.” Marty… READ MORE >


Career Training Video Instructor, Anne Medley: Training Citizen Journalists in Tunisia

January 17, 2012  Author:  

Anne Medley, a photojournalist, videographer and educator based in the United States is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to fund a project called… READ MORE >


Black and White Tools

August 3, 2010  Author:  

How exciting… Now you are hopefully inspired to begin exploring the world of black and white. Not only can you capture images in black and… READ MORE >


Learning How to See in Black and White

July 23, 2010  Author:  

Learning how to see in black and white can take time. We all instinctively see either in color or in black and white. One thing… READ MORE >



June 25, 2010  Author:   (1)

Well the summer has finally arrived here in Missoula and I think that I can safely say that our Summer Intensive students are grateful to… READ MORE >


The Evolution of Technology and Expression

June 18, 2010  Author:   (5)

Times are changing faster than we can imagine or grasp. We don’t need to hold our ground or make a choice. What we need to do is begin to realize that technology is providing us with more tools than we have ever had before to express ourselves as we see fit.


What Inspired You This Week?

June 11, 2010  Author:   (2)

“Be the change you want to see in the World” Mahatma Gandhi How can we as individuals with our cameras embrace the quote above? We… READ MORE >


How Aha Moments Affect Your Photography

June 4, 2010  Author:   (4)

This is an important time around our school. Our Career Training students have just started their five-month long journey into their photographic immersion with us…. READ MORE >


What’s Your Image Storage Style?

May 30, 2010  Author:   (5)

Is there a difference between hoarding things in your home and hoarding your images in your computer?


Curiosity Leads to Great Photography Projects

May 21, 2010  Author:   (4)

Thank goodness for RMSP students. Jimmy White, one of our Career Training graduates, just sent me this fascinating blog post about a photographic study that… READ MORE >


Start your Day with a Customized Newspaper

May 14, 2010  Author:   (4)

While some of you may be sitting at your kitchen table in the morning reading sections like Front page, Sports, Local, Real Estate, Living and Business, I arrive to my office every morning (coffee in hand) to read sections like, Photo Industry, Technology, Visual Studies, Student Blogs, Curriculum, Business and Marketing, and one of my favorites…The Future.


The Importance of Making Your Mark.

May 7, 2010  Author:   (3)

By now you have surfed, navigated and clicked your way through our new blog in search of learning something new, gaining a moment of inspiration,… READ MORE >