Blogging from PhotoPlus
October 29, 2010  Author:  

Wow!  Our first day at PhotoPlus in New York City was quite an experience.  It was an amazing opportunity to see new equipment and learn information about cutting edge photographic gear and techniques. So many well-known people from our industry are here.  Down one aisle you’ll find Peter Read Miller entertaining a group with his […]

Student Exhibition at RMSP Gallery
May 26, 2010  Author:   (1)

In June/July 2010 the RMSP Gallery will highlight the work of two previous RMSP students. After reviewing the submissions from nominated, outstanding previous RMSP students, we are pleased to announce the exhibit, Big Air, featuring Rita Pignato and Richard Cornelius. RMSP instructors and assistants were invited to nominate students that had taken a class in […]

Welcome to Paper Airplanes, our RMSP blog.
April 30, 2010  Author:   (18)

We want to create, inspire, and share with an even wider community on a more frequent basis. How do we do this? We’d like to introduce you to our new RMSP blog.