Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 4
June 28, 2013  Author:   (1)

I’ll start off this summary with a correction! As mentioned in last week’s post (Week 3), the Augusta Rodeo did not take place this past weekend, and IS taking place this weekend. The students will be road-tripping away very soon. Week 4 introduced whole new realms of digital technology and image-making to the Summer Intensive […]

June’s Assignment Gallery – Past Assignments
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Way back in March we announced the temporary suspension of the monthly assignments due to a needed focus on our school’s upcoming annual launch of the Career Training program. We also encouraged all of our readers to consider submitting images from any of our past monthly assignments for June’s assignment gallery. Even if only a […]

July Assignment – Moving Forward
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As explained in March’s assignment gallery post, the monthly challenge of creating images that challenge the imagination and skill of all those interested in doing so had been suspended temporarily. It’s now time to begin these challenges once again and fire up the imaginations of our worthy crew of eager participants. With this year marking […]

Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 3
June 21, 2013  Author:   (1)

SI is rolling right along. By now, the groups A through D are gelling as tribes, and have been challenged with the production of their mid-term slideshows due in early July. Their formative thoughts are being pursued and captured in these next few weeks. This week, the experience started out with an optional lecture on […]