Summer Intensive 2014 – Week 5
July 3, 2014  Author:  

The shortest week during the whole of SI began with an optional excursion for many of the students. Montana’s largest such event, the annual Augusta Rodeo took place on Sunday. As usual, card-carrying and highly trained (at this point) RMSP student photographers were there in abundance lining the rodeo ring fences, roaming the behind-the-scenes environs, […]

So You Want To Be A Photographer? Then Be An Assistant First.
May 16, 2014  Author:  

I think the best way to learn what you need to know to be an editorial or commercial photographer is by assisting for one. Or better yet, 50. There are so many moving parts and details to a photo shoot it is hard to imagine running one until you have worked on one. Or 50. […]

September’s Assignment Gallery – Landscape Your Life
October 11, 2013  Author:  

Last month, we encouraged photographers to capture landscapes in their world using any subject matter available to provide a reasonable facsimile. Enjoy the work of this month’s creative group! “The actual landscapes in Texas looking pretty barren by the end of summer, I started with an obvious and favorite landscape, the one I see every day out […]

October’s Assignment – Make It Count

If there is such thing as “obvious” in an image, this is your month to portray it. It’s going to be a numbers game with this month of October’s assignment  – Make It Count. This challenge asks the photographer to capture in very literal fashion any number from one t0 ten.  A single baby lying […]

Mark S. Johnson on Scott Kelby’s Blog

The photography industry giant and NAPP founder, Scott Kelby, knows a thing or two about inspiration. In fact, he’s made a cottage industry of inspiring photographers and artists worldwide to reach new heights, use new technology and become the artist one was born to be. So you have to believe that he knows a kindred […]

August’s Assignment Gallery – Fire in the Belly
August 30, 2013  Author:  

In August we asked our readers/photographer friends to dig deep into their viscera and explore that eternal flame of theirs that keeps the creative self cookin’ with the Fire in the Belly assignment. As expected, they’ve taken the theme and expressed it in unique fashion individually and collectively. Below are some of their words that […]

September’s Assignment – Landscape Your Life

Many a photographer has been hooked by the shutterbug by way of nature. On a family camping trip with a classic Kodak Brownie film camera in hand, maybe you yourself were captured by capturing a placid lake reflecting mountainous terrain and fir-tree-filled scene as a child. So common is the affliction, that really most photographers […]

ASMP Best of 2013 Choices – Something to Brag About, Jeremy Lurgio and Inti St. Clair!
August 29, 2013  Author:  

When it comes to recognition, there is no better trade organization in the realm of professionals than the American Society of Media Photographers  to receive it from. ASMP is the gold standard of professional organizations that help support members of an ever-evolving, highly competitive industry. Needless to say, when ASMP leadership honors their own members, it’s […]

Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 11
August 16, 2013  Author:  

This is it. The last week of Summer Intensive and as expected, the students put their hearts, souls and cameras into their final projects and presentations. The week began on Sunday evening with a comprehensive review of all the Photoshop techniques they’ve been taught in Edit classes with open lab time thrown in later in […]

Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 10
August 9, 2013  Author:  

What a full and colorful week! This week began with an optional flash location shoot in downtown Missoula in the morning and a sunset landscape field shoot at the National Bison Range north of Missoula in the beautiful Mission Valley on Sunday evening. A truly unique landscape with plenty of flora, fauna and majestic mountains […]

Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 9
August 2, 2013  Author:  

The last long break of Summer Intensive occurred last weekend and the students hopefully took full advantage of it with taking care of personal chores or taking part in some plain ol’ “R & R.” In Week 10, their Lighting classes introduced product lighting and mixed lighting technique,  and a great deal of open lab […]

July’s Assignment Gallery – Moving Forward
July 26, 2013  Author:  

In July we asked our readers/photographers to submit images firmly rooted in the present and/or future, as opposed to the past, with the Moving Forward assignment. As big as a challenge it was for them to do so, those who chose to take it on managed to capture the essence of progress and forward movement. […]

August’s Assignment – Fire in the Belly

We’ve just witnessed two, count ’em two, so-called Supermoon events in the months of June and July when the perigee of the Earth’s lone satellite reaches is closest proximity to the planet and is also alignment with the Sun and Earth. The moon at its fullest state at this time appears to be extremely large […]

Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 8
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After a couple of very busy weeks, the students this week –  number 8 to be exact – are the beneficiary of a short one with their second long weekend break starting today. As usual, this week involved brand new material and technique in nearly all of the courses. Photo Studies broached the subject of […]

Summer Intensive 2013 – Week 7
July 19, 2013  Author:  

Last Friday night the students were given the opportunity to share their significant mid-term  projects in the all-group slideshow mixer. The results bore out individual creativity, skill and vision unique to each student. It was excellent celebratory way to share their ideas and work with everyone involved in the program. Since the course is past […]