Our Students are Winners!
September 2, 2011  Author:  

Well, as much as we would love to, it’s not everyday that we have obvious occasion to do some outright bragging about our amazing students. So when good news comes our way about their achievements, you can bet we’re going to do our best to let the world know about them! As a participant in […]

Alumni Friday: Lesley Kerr
August 26, 2011  Author:   (3)

Lesley Kerr attended the Career Training program in 2007. She was one of those students that instructors remember for her amazing creativity, vision and photographic style. She is currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia photographing children, weddings and portraits. Her images have a dream like quality and are absolutely gorgeous. Lesley is also the […]

Exhibition Mentorship: Lisa M. Kurtzhals’ Passport to Adventure
August 25, 2011  Author:  

Lisa M. Kurtzhals will be exhibiting Passport to Adventure at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography Gallery in Missoula, MT September 2nd through November 28th, 2011. After graduating from RMSP’s Summer Intensive Program in 2010, Lisa began working with RMSP’s newly-formed Exhibition Mentorship Program. The 6-month, one-on-one course is facilitated by former RMSP Gallery director and instructor, Kerri Rosenstein  and […]

Alumni Friday: Neil Corman
August 12, 2011  Author:   (1)

Neil Corman was a software implementation consultant before deciding to follow his passion for photography and attend RMSP’s Career Training program in 2007. When he returned to Denver, Colorado, Neil started his business as a editorial, commercial and travel photographer. What I love most about Neil is that he has immersed himself into the photography […]

Alumni Friday: Rita Pignato
July 29, 2011  Author:   (2)

Rita Pignato is a fine art photographer with an emphasis on landscape, travel, architecture, street photography and printing. Rita spent thirty years in the print production business before fully pursuing her passion for photography. She always loved photography, but life and her career put her love of the art on the back burner. Rita took […]

Alumni Friday: Tom Robertson
July 15, 2011  Author:  

This past Sunday was the Missoula Marathon and RMSP alum Tom Robertson has thousands of images to prove it. Tom attended the Career Training Program in 2008. Since starting his own photography business, Tom has very successfully combined “his impulse to document with a love of sport and adventure.” When he’s not traveling to places […]

Alumni Friday: Mike Tittel
July 8, 2011  Author:  

Mike Tittel attended Summer Intensive in 2003 and is an amazing adventure/sports/fitness/lifestyle photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Whether shooting on location with lights, models and stylists or on the side of a mountain while ice climbing, Mike’s photographs show a clear love of adventure.  You don’t get the quality of images that […]

Alumni Friday: Athena Lonsdale
July 1, 2011  Author:  

If you have seen our 2011 catalog than you are familiar with this week’s alumni, Athena Lonsdale. Athena attended Summer Intensive in 2002. We love her images so much we not only chose one for the 2011 cover but we used as many as we could other parts of the catalog and on the website. […]

Alumni Friday: Alison Behr
June 24, 2011  Author:  

We love when alumni come back to visit. A couple of weeks ago, Alison Behr dropped in, a graduate of Summer Intensive 2004 . She didn’t come by herself, however. Alison was accompanied by a group of her high school students from the Pacific Rim School in Carlsbad, California. Alison teaches the school’s Digital Photography […]

Alumni Friday: Deborah Espinosa
June 10, 2011  Author:   (2)

We love when our alumni are successful in their business endeavors, but it’s even more gratifying when they use their photography for the good of others. Deborah Espinosa attended Summer Intensive in 2006 and now makes photographs as a “tool for global advocacy.” On her website she states, “through documentary portraits, I capture some of […]

Alumni Friday: Jennifer McMenamin
June 3, 2011  Author:  

In 2005, Jennifer McMenamin took a leave of absence from her job as a court reporter at the Baltimore Sun newspaper to attend the RMSP Career Training Program. When she returned home she decided to give Wedding Photography a serious go. She assisted well known wedding photographers in Baltimore to learn more about the industry […]

Alumni Friday: Forest Woodward
May 27, 2011  Author:  

If there is anyone out there who truly follows their bliss, it would certainly be Forest Woodward. Forest attended the Career Training program in 2005 and has been traveling the world & photographing ever since. Forest’s undeniable talent caught the eye of iStock and Getty Images in 2009 when he was selected as one of […]

Alumni Friday: Alexia Beckerling
May 20, 2011  Author:  

Alexia Beckerling made the trek from her home in South Africa to attend the Career Training program in 2005. After completing Career Training she went on to further her skills by obtaining a Masters Degree in photojournalism at the University of Montana. On the landing page of her website she states that she is a […]

Alumni Friday: Jami Saunders
May 13, 2011  Author:  

Jami Saunders attended the Summer Intensive program in 2003. She was the type of student whose creativity and perspective inspired her fellow students and the staff. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and photographs people. This includes weddings, kids, families, fashion, travel and more. Her images are stunning and have been featured in publications […]

Alumni Friday: William Rugen
May 6, 2011  Author:   (2)

William Rugen attended the RMSP Career Training program in 2005. William’s perspective on the world had led to a fantastic photographic commentary on life. For the past few years he has been dedicated to several personal projects that are pretty interesting and have been catching peoples attention. His Consumed project documents everything he ate over […]