Macro Photography: A Closer Look
March 15, 2012  Author:  

If you thought the expression “big things come in small packages,” was just something your loved ones told you when they were making excuses for buying you small Christmas presents, think again. In the world of photography, big things really do come in small packages. To help you unwrap these big photographic gifts, we offer […]

Lightroom for Photographers
March 3, 2012  Author:  

I realize every photographer has their own, unique workflow and way of accomplishing tasks when it comes time to wrangle images on the ‘ol computer, but i’m sure I am not alone when I say that it’s almost hard to remember what that workflow was like before Adobe came out with Lightroom. Personally, I admit […]

Yellowstone in Winter Workshop Student Slide Show
February 29, 2012  Author:   (4)

Have the wilds of Yellowstone National Park in the winter been calling you and your camera? Do you crave to capture nature in its full glory in one of the planet’s most unique landscapes and ecosystems? Well, here’s a chance to experience it vicariously through the eyes and lenses of the participants in our recent […]

Digital Imaging Workflow
  Author:   (3)

Back in the film days, people would shoot through a roll of film, bring it to the lab and get their slides developed. Then, if they wanted a print, they would bring the slide back to the lab to have a print made. This process was repeated over and over again, until digital came along. […]

Mark S. Johnson and Creative Compositing: The Impressionistic Photograph
February 18, 2012  Author:  

In terms of creativity and technological know-how, Mark S. Johnson is unparalleled in his field. His highly developed sense of style, beauty and openness to all that inspires has earned him the reputation of a superb instructor. This is particularly true in the area of digital imaging and creatively combining photographic images using Adobe® Photoshop® to […]

Read All About It! Gabe Biderman in the NY Times!
February 15, 2012  Author:  

Our friend at B&H Photo Video and instructor, Gabe Biderman, was recently interviewed for an article for the New York Times. It appeared in the Business Day-Personal Tech section on their website. With his expertise in night photography, he very eloquently talks about tips & techniques for taking long exposures. A great read on an interesting […]

Grammys? No Way, We Were in Sacramento!!
February 13, 2012  Author:  

Well, well, well…. it looks like the state of California was quite the place to be this last weekend. In the southern part of the state, the who’s who of the music world congregated in Los Angeles for the 54th annual Grammy Awards. But the real action took place in the northern part of the […]

Boise Bound!
February 9, 2012  Author:  

The Rocky Mountain West region is comprised of a handful of states, and along with Montana, one of these is our western neighboring state of Idaho. Boise, the capital and economic engine of this beautiful state is one of our favorite places to set up shop to provide our brand of photography education. In a […]

Yosemite National Park – The Subtle Beauty of Dawn
February 7, 2012  Author:  

Lynn Hoffman-Brouse is an accomplished photographer, educator and long time RMSP workshop instructor. She recently sent us her thoughts about her favorite time of day and places to shoot while in the incredible Yosemite National Park. “I know the wilderness experience is tough to find in Yosemite Valley, but my absolute favorite places are seen […]

RMSP’s Basic Photography Workshops
February 4, 2012  Author:  

So, you received a brand new shiny digital SLR camera for the holidays and it came with an owner’s manual that appears to be written in Greek – or so it seems to you. Or perhaps you have owned an SLR camera for quite some time now and although you have picked up tips here […]

A “Pop Quiz” with Photo Weekends Instructor Tony Rizzuto
January 10, 2012  Author:  

As a regular on our seasonal Photo Weekends tour, Tony Rizzuto has grown quite a following with his affable style and clearly articulated discussions on various photographic subject manner. Among other things, people are one of his forte both in his classroom and in his camera. For those not familiar with him, below is a […]

My Nights With the Lensbabies
January 5, 2012  Author:  

I’m very excited to announce that Lensbaby has come on board to support my upcoming workshop with Tim Cooper and RMSP called Vegas to Zion: Dusk to Dawn. I’ve been a big fan of Lensbaby since the original baby, back in 2004. Why you might ask? Because it offers you a different way of seeing. […]

A “Pop Quiz” with Photo Weekends Instructor Tim Cooper
December 28, 2011  Author:  

With the kick off to our Photo Weekends season just weeks away, we thought we would introduce you, our readers, to the folks who will soon be on the road teaching photography in various cities across the U.S. First up, instructor Tim Cooper.  Tim was kind enough to engage in a semi-facetious “pop quiz.” 1. […]

Viva Las Vegas (and Zion National Park)…in the dark!
December 22, 2011  Author:  

The dynamic fine art masters of light at night, instructors Tim Cooper and Gabe Biderman, are set to host one heck of a workshop for RMSP in March 2012 called Vegas to Zion: Dusk to Dawn. What can one expect from this experience with these two at the helm? First of all, their focus will […]

Landscapes & Lightroom Workshop Slideshow
October 13, 2011  Author:  

Just last month, RMSP held our first ever Landscapes & Lightroom in Big Sky, Montana workshop. Instructors David Marx and Doug Johnson gave the participants “the ol’ one-two” with their expertise in both landscape photography and the powerful digital imaging software program, Adobe Lightroom. David posted the students’ concluding slideshow on his blog, The Lightroom […]