Poll: What’s Your Dream Workshop?
April 16, 2011  Author:   (7)

You research the latest lenses and cameras. You browse online photo galleries for inspiration. You are constantly seeking more education about photography on the web or in classes. Hobbiest, amateur, enthusiast, professional; call yourself what you will. But if you have the photography bug, you probably daydream about the places you could photograph.   We […]

What Elements of Composition Do You See?
April 7, 2011  Author:  

In any well-composed photograph there is visual movement. Elements in the image move the viewers’ eyes around the frame, engaging them.  In many cases, movement is created by lines and/or shapes, either real or implied. In my time being involved in critique sessions at RMSP I have found that when people look at images they […]

Gallery Opening: Cityscapes and Landscapes
March 30, 2011  Author:  

Artists: The Fine Grain Group Dates: April 1-May 27, 2011 Reception: April 1, 2011 from 5-8 p.m Rocky Mountain School of Photography (RMSP) Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of the upcoming exhibit, Cityscapes and Landscapes by the Fine Grain Group of Missoula, Montana. This is a juried collection of color and black & […]

What Kind of a Photographer Are You?
  Author:   (9)

Yes, you. I am talking to you. We’d like to get a better sense of who our blog audience is, and have decided to try throwing some simple polls into the mix to help us get to know you better. So if you wouldn’t mind participating, we would sure appreciate it!     Tell us […]

Paper Airplanes Listed on Alltop
March 17, 2011  Author:  

We are now listed on Alltop! Alltop.com is a great resource for photography related blogs. Websites like Alltop provide an easy way to categorize and organize the latest stories from different blogs and websites in one place. This site’s not limited to photography either. There are hundreds of categories to peruse. It’s like having access to […]

RMSP Open House March 26th
March 16, 2011  Author:  

RMSP is holding an Open House on Saturday March 26th, from 1-4 p.m. Take this opportunity to come by and visit the school, ask questions about our programs or tour the facilities. Is that all? Of course not. Neil and Forest Chaput de Saintonge couldn’t pass up the opportunity to offer a little something extra […]

Creating Star Trail Images (Part I)
February 16, 2011  Author:   (8)

I believe that those who photograph at night provide us “day dwellers” with a totally different perspective on the world. Star trail photography is a technique that many people may never attempt but is not as difficult as it may seem. This topic will be presented in two parts. In this article, I will discuss the […]

Gallery Opening – Last Shift: Saying Farewell to Smurfit-Stone
February 3, 2011  Author:  

Rocky Mountain School of Photography Gallery is excited to announce the upcoming exhibit, Last Shift: Saying Farewell to Smurfit-Stone, by RMSP instructor Kathy Eyster of Frenchtown, Montana. The collection of color photographs documents the hard hats hung on the fence outside the Smurfit-Stone mill when employees left their jobs for the last time. Eyster has spent most […]

RMSP Open House – February 5th
February 2, 2011  Author:  

Have you ever wondered what our print labs look like? Or what the heck the Quarry classroom is all about? Well, this coming Saturday you can get all of your burning RMSP questions answered at our Open House. Here’s the plan for the day: Open House Schedule 1pm – Open House begins. Meet our staff, […]

A-ha! Moments in the Big Apple
November 22, 2010  Author:   (2)

The field of photography is changing faster than ever before—and this was especially apparent to me last month when a group of us from RMSP headed to New York for the annual PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo.  My wife, Jeanne (who is our School Director), our son Forest, and I had never attended before.  Marcy […]

The Moscow Ballet- an Interview with Neil Chaput de Saintonge
November 5, 2010  Author:   (3)

As a photographer, Neil Chaput de Saintonge has no more favorite subject matter than the art of ballet and the performers who embody it. I sat down with him recently to discuss this love and his experience with shooting the national touring company, The Moscow Ballet, during their performances in our home state of Montana. How did […]

Blogging from PhotoPlus
October 29, 2010  Author:  

Wow!  Our first day at PhotoPlus in New York City was quite an experience.  It was an amazing opportunity to see new equipment and learn information about cutting edge photographic gear and techniques. So many well-known people from our industry are here.  Down one aisle you’ll find Peter Read Miller entertaining a group with his […]

Happy RMSP New Year!
October 1, 2010  Author:   (3)

As many of our long-standing customers know, this is the time of year where we prepare to launch both the new versions of the RMSP course catalog and the rmsp.com website.  There will be an upcoming week where the website will be dormant,  but soon after it will go live again and  “the cat will […]

Take a Journey to Another Photographic World – Underwater Photography Part II
September 24, 2010  Author:   (4)

In Part I of this series we discussed some recommended prerequisites to underwater photography such as access to a body of water (preferably warm and clear), personal comfort in the water and certification training to fit the level of underwater activity in which you will be engaged.  This article addresses more specific factors related to […]

Autumn- A Feast for the Senses
September 17, 2010  Author:   (2)

The crisp chill in the air, the aroma of hot apple cider, an explosion of color throughout nature, the sounds of children frolicking in leaf piles; these are “images” that are plentiful this time of the year. Autumn is a time of transition from the long hot days of summer toward the colder, shorter days of winter when the sun seems to illuminate a whole new […]