The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 6
July 13, 2012  Author:   (1)

Week 6 is quickly coming to a close and the students have officially reached the midpoint of Summer Intensive. This is the point where they are critiqued one-on-one for the first time on their first major photographic project of the summer: their individual slideshows. This weeks culminates in a full-scale presentation¬†of their unique vision in […]

The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 5
July 6, 2012  Author:  

It was a short week for the students…very short. They concluded a five-day break on Wednesday, the Fourth of July, and returned to class on Thursday and Friday. But as they say, you just have to hop right back on that horse and boy, the students sure have. In the last two days here’s what’s […]

The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 4
June 29, 2012  Author:   (1)

This week in Summer Intensive was all about the students rapidly learning advanced concepts in photography and digital technology. Over the previous weekend, the students were able to check out specific Canon cameras and lenses from our extensive “library” of gear. Canon is a tremendous Educational Partner of ours, and their support adds enhanced value […]

Wedding Week: Day 5
June 22, 2012  Author:  

Welcome to the 5th and final day of WEDDING WEEK on the ‘ol blog. We hope you’ve enjoyed the posts and perhaps picked up a nugget of wedding knowledge or two. Want to read all the posts from the week? Here are links to Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. Since we […]

The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 3
  Author:   (2)

And the journey continues. This week in Summer Intensive is a particularly fun one for the students. First off, their experience involved a second week of digging into the nitty gritty of the Adobe Lightroom software in the Edit classes & labs working on their newly created images. Also, they learned about enhancement of their […]

Wedding Week: Day 4
June 21, 2012  Author:  

We are assuming that you aren’t returning to Paper Airplanes on a regular basis to receive … of all things … relationship advise. Or maybe, just maybe, you are? Perhaps you look to our blog as your own personal Dear Abby column (or in my case, a Dear Andy column … ha!). While we do […]

Wedding Week: Day 2
June 19, 2012  Author:   (5)

Today I’m going to talk about a trend in the wedding photography world that is so obvious and so awesome, it makes me wonder why any bride or groom wouldn’t want one at their wedding. No, I am not referring to a mechanical bull or a mariachi band, although both sound fantastic to me. I’m […]

Wedding Week: Day 1
June 18, 2012  Author:   (2)

It’s June. The rain is fading. The sun is beginning to stick around. Engaged people all over the world are getting nervous. These indicators can only mean one thing: It’s Wedding Season!! As a photography school that educates and trains individuals who strive to become wedding photographers, we thought it would be appropriate to usher […]

Summer Fun in Montana
June 15, 2012  Author:  

If you’ve ever been to the state of Montana, you may have been instantly enamored by the glorious scenery that exists in abundance (and your camera most likely got a workout). What may not be as abundantly clear to the casual, non-resident visitor, is just how much fun there is to be had in this […]

The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 2
  Author:   (4)

We’ll probably say this every week from now until the end of Summer Intensive, but we’ll say it today anyway: “We can’t believe that week 2 of SI is already over!” And if it seems like a lot has happened in the last two weeks from our perspective, we can only imagine how all of […]

The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 1
June 8, 2012  Author:  

Well, it’s been quite a week around the school. We kicked off our annual Career Training program with the 24th annual Summer Intensive course by meeting, greeting and initiating this year’s fantastic group of students (74 of them to be exact), all whom have put their so-called “real lives” on hold for the next ten […]

Wonderful Missoula, Montana, US of A
May 14, 2012  Author:   (2)

If you’ve ever heard the term “Turn that frown upside down!,” then maybe this could act as your first clue as to what it’s like here in Missoula nearly anytime of year. Even a so-called bad day is made amazing by a simple walk by a river or hike up a mountain trail or many […]

Intermediate Photography in April Student Slideshow
May 11, 2012  Author:   (1)

Springtime in Missoula is a great time to get outside with a camera. Just ask the creative and fired-up folks who just completed our Intermediate Photography workshop with instructor Tony Rizzuto last week. In fact, we’ll let examples of their work do some of the talking for them in this awesome concluding slideshow. Enjoy and […]

May’s Assignment – Leap of Faith
April 27, 2012  Author:   (2)

So it’s May. In the world of RMSP, this is the month we live in anticipation of the arrival of a new batch of eager Summer Intensive students in June.¬† These students arrive in Missoula, Montana from all over North America and the globe, with some having never set foot in our part of the […]

Photo Op in Overland Park
April 25, 2012  Author:  

In terms of a concluding event, we couldn’t have chosen a better place than Overland Park, Kansas to hold our last Photo Weekend of the season. This weekend, April 28-29, will be the final stop of a 14-city tour that began in January. The largest suburb in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, Overland Park has […]