Grammys? No Way, We Were in Sacramento!!
February 13, 2012  Author:  

Well, well, well…. it looks like the state of California was quite the place to be this last weekend. In the southern part of the state, the who’s who of the music world congregated in Los Angeles for the 54th annual Grammy Awards. But the real action took place in the northern part of the […]

Boise Bound!
February 9, 2012  Author:  

The Rocky Mountain West region is comprised of a handful of states, and along with Montana, one of these is our western neighboring state of Idaho. Boise, the capital and economic engine of this beautiful state is one of our favorite places to set up shop to provide our brand of photography education. In a […]

Atlanta on the Horizon!
February 3, 2012  Author:  

Many who are familiar with Rocky Mountain School of Photography may be aware of this bit of trivia: RMSP’s roots are in Atlanta, Georgia. In some ways, when we return to Atlanta for a Photo Weekend event every couple of years, it’s somewhat of a homecoming. Neil Chaput de Saintonge, founder and co-owner of RMSP, […]

Thank You Dallas, Texas!!
January 30, 2012  Author:  

If you were one of the many, many people who watched the Screen Actors Guild award show last night, you have probably heard enough “thanks you’s” to last until next year.  If this is the case, we’ll go ahead and apologize because we simply have to throw out one gigantic thank you to the fine […]

Charleston Weekend Assignment Results
January 27, 2012  Author:  

Our second Photo Weekend of the 2012 season is in the books! Instructors Tim Cooper and Tony Rizzuto took Charleston, SC by storm and from the feedback we’ve received, it sounds like everyone in attendance had a blast. Here are the results from the assignment given at the Charleston Weekend. We’d like to thank the […]

Headin’ South…to Birmingham!
January 25, 2012  Author:  

Every year, we take our popular Photo Weekends seminars “on the road,” and try to hold these events in every region of the country. This year, we’ll be making stops in several cities in the Southeast, including one in the economic and cultural hub of the South – Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham is the cultural and […]

“Pop Quiz” with Photo Weekends Instructor Doug Johnson
January 24, 2012  Author:   (1)

As with many of our instructors, Doug Johnson has a had a long history with RMSP and has had a tremendous impact on the experience of many of our students. Not only does he teach for our Photo Weekends events, but also in our popular Workshops and Career Training programs. He is definitely one busy […]

Thank You Charleston, SC!
January 23, 2012  Author:  

Photo Weekend #2 is in the books … and what a great weekend it was! We have to extend a large, heartfelt thank you to everyone in Charleston, SC who turned out for our event. We appreciate that you spent the weekend with us and have since sent in your comments and feedback. Lots of […]

Minneapolis Weekend Assignment Results
January 20, 2012  Author:   (1)

At our first Photo Weekend of the 2012 season, we gave everyone in attendance a little parting gift. Well … that is if you consider homework a gift. We asked that anyone who was interested submit a photo inspired by a course they took during the Weekend event. So, if they loved the HDR and […]

Onward to Salt Lake City!
January 19, 2012  Author:  

In the Rocky Mountain west, Salt Lake City, Utah stands alone in terms of its unique geography, location, history and culture. Short distances separate the Great Salt Lake, a thriving city and some of the snowiest mountains to be found in the lower 48, making for a pretty eclectic environment. A place we return to […]

Hey Minneapolis, Thanks!
January 16, 2012  Author:  

We wrapped up our first Photo Weekend of 2012 yesterday, and just want to give a rather large shout out to everyone in Minneapolis who were in attendance! Sounds like instructors Tim Cooper and Tony Rizzuto cracked more than a few jokes and made the weekend fun. Thank you Minneapolis! If you are in the […]

Next stop, Sacramento, Californ-i-a!
January 11, 2012  Author:  

In February, we return to the land of golden opportunities, speaking both historically and photographically. Our upcoming Photo Weekend in California’s capital city of Sacramento wasn’t scheduled by us without good reason. One of the more populous states in the nation harbors photographic opportunities in abundance all along the length of its north/south orientation. Glorious […]

A “Pop Quiz” with Photo Weekends Instructor Tony Rizzuto
January 10, 2012  Author:  

As a regular on our seasonal Photo Weekends tour, Tony Rizzuto has grown quite a following with his affable style and clearly articulated discussions on various photographic subject manner. Among other things, people are one of his forte both in his classroom and in his camera. For those not familiar with him, below is a […]

A “Pop Quiz” with Photo Weekends Instructor Tim Cooper
December 28, 2011  Author:  

With the kick off to our Photo Weekends season just weeks away, we thought we would introduce you, our readers, to the folks who will soon be on the road teaching photography in various cities across the U.S. First up, instructor Tim Cooper.  Tim was kind enough to engage in a semi-facetious “pop quiz.” 1. […]

Returning to Dallas, Texas!

The Dallas/Fort Worth area of the big ol’ state of Texas harbors some mighty fine cultural experiences for the arts in general, and photography is definitely not excluded.  In addition to the economic advantages of earning a living in this thriving metropolis, there are many performing arts venues, museums and activities to keep the local […]