Alumni Highlight: Ethan Rohloff
June 19, 2012  Author:  

As far as where our students land after completing our Career Training program, sometimes they just stay up in the air…literally. Such is the case with 2006 alum, Ethan Rohloff. For the past couple of years, he has taken to the air for his photography business in Australia. With an eye for architecture, his work […]

The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 2
June 15, 2012  Author:   (4)

We’ll probably say this every week from now until the end of Summer Intensive, but we’ll say it today anyway: “We can’t believe that week 2 of SI is already over!” And if it seems like a lot has happened in the last two weeks from our perspective, we can only imagine how all of […]

The Summer Intensive Experience: Week 1
June 8, 2012  Author:  

Well, it’s been quite a week around the school. We kicked off our annual Career Training program with the 24th annual Summer Intensive course by meeting, greeting and initiating this year’s fantastic group of students (74 of them to be exact), all whom have put their so-called “real lives” on hold for the next ten […]

Alumni Friday – Pam Voth
June 1, 2012  Author:  

Pam Voth graduated from RMSP’s Summer Intensive in 2004 and hasn’t had a real job since. Sure, she’s been working hard, but not at a job, rather, at what she loves – capturing still and moving images with her camera. A Missoula resident and world-traveler, she came to RMSP after leaving a 20 year career […]

Introducing … The 2012 CT Assistants!!
May 30, 2012  Author:  

Well, it’s just about that time again!! The time of year when we kick off our Summer Intensive course. This year marks the 23rd consecutive year we have run this course, and we are as excited as ever about welcoming a new crop of eager, dedicated photographers to Missoula to give them the best photographic […]

National Geographic Worthy Adventurer, Jared Alden.
May 17, 2012  Author:   (1)

By their very nature, many of our students are the adventurous type. This is certainly true of Pennsylvania native and 2009 Career Training alum, Jared Alden. In fact, it’s challenging to know where in the world – literally – he will end up next. How about in Koh Yao Noi, Phuket, Thailand? How about traversing […]

May’s Assignment – Leap of Faith
April 27, 2012  Author:   (2)

So it’s May. In the world of RMSP, this is the month we live in anticipation of the arrival of a new batch of eager Summer Intensive students in June.  These students arrive in Missoula, Montana from all over North America and the globe, with some having never set foot in our part of the […]

Alumni Friday – Tonya Ballou Peterson
April 13, 2012  Author:   (2)

Since graduating from RMSP’s Summer Intensive in 2004, Tonya Ballou Peterson has been working steadily as a wedding photographer in Utah and New Mexico. When she  graduated, her intention was to pursue commercial and food photography, but after a disastrous experience with her own wedding photographer in 2005, she realized that helping brides preserve their […]

Living the dream
March 27, 2012  Author:  

People come to RMSP with a lot of things in common.  They have dreamed for years of being photographers. They remember the exact day and occasion that they received their first camera.  They were thrilled when they caught that special moment on film.  They have been told by their family and friends that they have a great […]

Funding Ideas for Photo Projects and Education
March 13, 2012  Author:   (4)

If you are like most photographers, you might have a shot list or list of projects you would like to accomplish that is a mile long, or a “bucket list” of courses you would like to take someday. Whether existing solely in the back of your mind, or (as in my case) on 1000 scrunched […]

Digital Imaging Workflow
February 29, 2012  Author:   (3)

Back in the film days, people would shoot through a roll of film, bring it to the lab and get their slides developed. Then, if they wanted a print, they would bring the slide back to the lab to have a print made. This process was repeated over and over again, until digital came along. […]

Feed the hungry. Guide the foolish.
February 28, 2012  Author:   (3)

Take the plunge! Live your Dream!  Follow your Bliss, Namaste.  Maybe we don’t hear these phrases as often these days as we did a couple of years ago. Our collective thoughts and attention seem to be centered around, pulling back, getting by, doing what is necessary to make things work. You know, survival.  How can we risk stepping […]

New Lightroom Instructor in Career Training This Season
February 20, 2012  Author:  

Hello everyone! My name is Forest Chaput de Saintonge and I have been working as an assistant at the school for the past five years. Throughout that time (and my entire life) I have seen hundreds of students grow from complete beginners in photography, to knowledgeable, confident and experienced photographers. It has always been amazing […]

All Photography. All The Time
February 18, 2012  Author:   (2)

Can you imagine what it would be like for you to spend three hundred and sixty hours on photography over a period of 11 weeks? How cool would it be learning to focus on what is in front of you or what is in the distance?  What if you were taught about the way that […]

The Career Training Experience. A Video.
February 10, 2012  Author:  

If you have spent any amount of time on our blog, our website or following us on any one of our social media outlets, you are undoubtedly familiar with our Career Training (CT) program. The five month program – made up of Summer Intensive, Professional Studies and Advanced Intensive – is like no other offering […]