Summer Intensive 2014 – Week 5

SharpBarry_-8883The shortest week during the whole of SI began with an optional excursion for many of the students. Montana’s largest such event, the annual Augusta Rodeo took place on Sunday. As usual, card-carrying and highly trained (at this point) RMSP student photographers were there in abundance lining the rodeo ring fences, roaming the behind-the-scenes environs, and capturing everything that makes the experience such an interesting subject.

Since starting out in the curriculum at the most basic level just over a month ago, the students have since been subjected to intensive – as advertised – training for forty hours plus per week with the additional activity of shooting constantly both during and after school. Montana is blessed with incredible light this time of year and they’ve been taking full advantage of the amazing sunsets and late evening light. This week is when the curriculum gets dialed down a notch to help them catch their breath a bit.

Andy Kemmis-2Their short week involved the second class of Photoshop CC instruction in basic image repair & re-touching in the Edit portion with instructor Tim Cooper. And in Photo Studies, they began the first of landscape photography classes with Doug Johnson. The week included a field help experience to practice foreground-to-infinity shooting technique with Doug in the historic Missoula Cemetery.

And with that, the students and staff are off for a much needed four-day long break during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. No doubt they’ll be getting caught up on the various tasks of laundry, grocery shopping, reviewing weeks of notes & images, not to mention sleep and R&R! And furiously contemplating, conceptualizing and shooting for their upcoming mid-term slideshow project due in a couple of weeks. We hope you enjoy your holiday…and stayed tuned!