Instagram Takeover!

RMSP has been taken over!! Well, at least our Instagram account has been! 

But don’t worry, it’s a planned, highly-anticipated, fun and creative type of takeover.

Starting today, Monday, March 10, 2014 our Instagram account will be in the hands of 2013 Summer Intensive graduate Megan Jae Riggs for two weeks! She will be logging into the RMSP account today and not looking back until her time is up. Aside from a few agreed-upon hashtags, and a general understanding of what she will be doing, the rest is up to her eye, her whim and her creativity. To give you all a hint however, it’s no coincidence that she is taking over IG as we begin the countdown to Summer Intensive 2014. I encourage you to follow us – and Megan – to get a glimpse into how she sees the world.

Megan came to us last year after having a bit of photography knowledge and experience. She had been published in a variety of publications and worked as a student teacher during the process of receiving her degree in Photojournalism from the University of Montana, here in Missoula. Suffice it to say, she was comfortable with a camera, but still said that her “…time spent at RMSP was by far one of the most rewarding and incredible summers of my life.”

Shortly after Summer Intensive began, she appeared on my radar as a fluent, experienced and creative member of the Instagram community. I would regularly see her name pop up after she liked one of our photos. Conversely, I could always recognize a photo as being hers with barely more than a glance. Unlike a casual user of the platform, she has totally embraced Instagram as another tool in her creative toolbox; one where she can share her images, art and thoughts on a daily basis. I am totally looking forward to seeing what she does with our account. I hope you can join Megan on her IG journey.

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Follow Megan on Instagram: @meganjaepearl

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marcy james

GREAT IDEA!!!! I can’t wait to see how Megan sees the world!

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Nice! I like it

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Christal Steele

This is the kind of portfolio I love…..and eclectic mix of a lot of interesting shots. Looking forward to meeting you!

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